Long cables for the Pimax 8k

I’ve been a vive user for a long time. I have an odd house layout and without flat out buying another computer (not a financial option to me) the only thing I can do is use my vive on a 50 foot long hdmi cable connected to my breakout box. My first question is is this option available for the Pimax 8k? I read conflicting reports that I uses one display port cable and another that it uses 2 hdmi cables. I’d like some clarification before I kickstart as the main problem I have with my vive is clarity and I would love a pimax. And I need to be able to use it from a rook that is 40 feet away. The second question is I saw that pimax are making their own breakout box is this compatible with the vive break out box?


From what @LoneTech said there are physical limits without using some kind if repeater that supports the required bandwidth on DP cables

The final models shipped will feature dp cables. I am not sure if you could use an hdmi 2.x cable with adapter back to dp or not.

The current prototype that has been featured at events has hdmi cables. New prototype should have reviews hopefully next week.

@LoneTech is likely to have thoughts on this.

@deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu can you check with your engineers on if hdmi2dp could be used?

There is a wireless module being developed with a discount coupon available to backers; however not sure when it will be available 4 purchase or opening price.

Is there a 40 foot or higher display port cable that would work?


This link has @LoneTech’s explanation. Now someone mentioned that pimax is going to work on a breakout box like vive has (but will ship later; not sure if addon or part of headset) but not sure on specs as they are i believe still researching it.

If there breakout box works like vive with increased bandwidth 5m + brkoutbox +5m for 10m length would be probable.

@Heliosurge @Helltech
We’ve identified some things, such as the length of cable, such as the HDMI adapter.
So we’re going to give you two choices 5m or 10m cable. and we’ll provide an HDMI adapter(evaluating).
We will update the FAQ in the next few days, and you can check the relevant information.

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