Lone Echo doesn’t require PP, but echo arena does. I can contact the devs, but how do I tell them to fix it?

these two games are the same game and we’re released on the same day. Lone echo is the campaign, while echo arena is the multiplayer version of the game. So surely if lone echo doesn’t require parallel projections then echo arena could be easy to fix since they are the same engine and game basically, right?

So how do I tell the devs to fix this issue? Can I even explain to them or do pimax themselves have to walk them through on how to fix this…?

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@PimaxUSA @anon74848233

Can you check in on their Discord page and post in bugs and issues?

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Yes but how do i exactly tell them how to fix it? and this is on pimax, since they’re an oculus exclusive game. So they won’t do it if it’s too hard to fix it

So anyone knows the root cause of this?

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perfect, thank youuu

They are probably using different versions of the same engine, that is common, because they developed those games in parallel

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