List your top games you hope brainwarp will make playable/fix/enhance

Generally speaking, I’m assuming two things.
A: brainwarp makes visuals move very smooth but at a performance cost.

B) smart smoothing pops in and out to patch performance holes in gaming spots.

C) I will tell you right now before it’s even released people are going to ask for an “always on” smoothing option and they should simply incorporate that right now instead of waiting.

With that in mind,
Here’s my list, and what’s yours d?

  1. The forest vr. I can’t not play it because I love the game a lot.__ but it looks really bad. :confused:

  2. Fallout 4 vr. I miss it. And my vive is forever retired now. My hands are tied until something makes this game solid.

  3. Vorpx games. Somehow, the vorpx directx injector should add support for brainwarp and motion s oothing.

  4. Payday 2 vr. Its a bit intimidating at first getting into this game, but once your hooked your hooked. Some levels are hopelessly bogged down with noc’s and npc ai. Smoothing is welcomed.

  5. Parallel projections sort of fix3s one problem and adds another equally brutal problem. It doubles performance costs. So this is where always on smoothing will be a serious use case.

Anyway that’s what’s on my mind. You guys?


The forest. What is your setup?

Other than issues with Hydra tracking found it was decent in my limited run.

Ryzen 7 2700x 16g ddr4 3600 1080ti


I would say every game, where you most likely would like to increase visuals but there isnt enough performance to do this. Today i’ve played project cars 2 with old htc vive, medium to high settings, msaa medium, ss 150%, and its the limit so far with 1080ti, playing solo is ok, but in multiplayer you get around 30-50% reprojection. The good thing - you dont notice it, bad thing - its the limit and its low resolution compared to pimax :smiley:

And if we talk about dcs… is there any game out there that performs worse? (except for forest, maybe, lol)


Titanic Honor and Glory. It’s just a demo right now but it is without a doubt the most photorealistic experience in VR out there currently. But it is extremely intense on your system, even the best gpus struggle with it on just a Vive. Running it with Pimax will be damn near impossible I’m betting without brainwarp.

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Lists only one title: DCS

Here really this technology will be needed. God, let’s pray … :slight_smile:

I’d like to add even more detail into ED even though it’s already great, and for project cars and assetto corsa just to keep them smooth, have to dial back a lot of settings currently for project cars although it’s still fun to play it does need a 5080ti or motion smoothing :wink:

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X-Plane 11 is one that really needs it. It is possible to tweak it to some extent, Sweviver made a good video of how to make it to run smoother but were not really close enough to 90Hz yet.

The devs are working on improving the efficiency of the (very old) engine to make it much more multithreaded and using a modern graphics engine (Vulcan) but this seems to be something that is a year away in reality. The positive side of things is that its still being developed and is improving and the VR is embedded… (even if they have to also create the extra payware to sustain the business - they have to pay the bills somehow)

I agree with the all games comment basically, but I’m really interested in seeing if it can help American Truck Simulator.

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Project CARS 2 . It just needs better performance. Parallel projection needs too much power.


I’ve got a mid-range System, i7 4790k/ GTX1080/ 16GB DDR 2400 RAM, so I hope for better performance with AC, Raceroom and race sims in general… but I love Skyrim too and this is the game I’m looking forward to enjoy in VR once my Pimax arrives. I would like to mod Skyrim to make it look up to date, so therefore a ‚boost‘ for my GPU would be great. An update to a RTX2080TI would be bottlenecked by my CPU and an update to a i7 8700 would mean a replacement of my Board and RAM too… so not so trivial. I know that in high res the bottleneck effect of the CPU will not be that great, but buying a 1200 Euro GPU that can not make use of all it’s power would bother me quite a lot…