List of games with reduced quality of experience due to Smart Smoothing 1/3 rate Fiasco

@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal @SweViver @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR Here is a short list of games I currently cannot play the way I wish, even on my 4090, because Pimax broke Smart Smoothing completely with the 1/3 rate fiasco which has now been discussed over and over again and yet remains in the software. How is this happening? How has this ‘feature’ not been removed? Why, oh why, would Pimax completely break a key feature and then leave it broken? Why would Pimax want to drive current and potential customers away from their products? Since the only thing that needs to be done is for the ‘feature’ to be removed, why hasn’t this happened? (Also, even in 1/2 rate mode, Smart Smoothing looks worse than it used to, but that’s a non-issue since it’s currently unusable anyway. We can talk about that after the 1/3 rate is removed.)

These are games I would run locked to 90/45 with Smart Smoothing enabled, or which run extremely well even at 90 but with rare scenes which won’t hit 90 and thus could be run 90/90 most of the time, being allowed to rarely switch to 90/45. However, since Smart Smoothing will nearly always switch to 90/30 instead, and since 90/30 is unusably horrible in too many ways to count, I am unable to use Smart Smoothing at all, forcing me to run titles at lower FOV, lower resolutions, or at lower refresh rates, or some combination of all 3, in order to hit 60/60, 75/75 or 90/90.

Quick List of games with reduced quality of experience due to Smart Smoothing being ruined: (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.)
Lone Echo 2
Skyrim VR
Arizona Sunshine
No Man’s Sky
Universe Sandbox
Fallout 4 VR
Kayak VR Mirage

Please add below your games that you can’t run the way you wish due to the Smart Smoothing problems. Maybe if Pimax realizes how dramatically they have reduced the quality of the Pimax experience they will finally remove this ‘feature’.

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Try this perhaps: Pitool has Sub-Optimal Timing: Motion Smoothing (Originally Titled: Something changed with Pitool on version .271 and forward) - #56 by mbucchia

Yep. Best we can tell the introduction of 1:3 smart smoothing ruined two things: One, the thresholds for switching to 1:3 mode were inappropriate, and two: the duration of those modes was too long. Pimax Tuner is a brand new attempt to interrupt the frame times reported to the Pitool, so that it will effectively do what we want. A common request is to simply have it work like it used to, which is to say “Use 1:2 mode when necessary, never use 1:3 mode - just give me the frames”. The Pimax Tuner also has a filter to determine how long to average the frametimes, so that you don’t get shunted to 1:2 mode just because of one bad frame time, which often occurs as a result of things like texture loads etc. Pimax Tuner is in a very raw state, but functional.
Here’s the link, Home · mbucchia/Pimax-Smart-Smoothing-Tuner Wiki · GitHub

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@mbucchia I will certainly be giving that a try. Here is hoping that it works well.

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