Linux & VR & Valve

Linux has been supported by Valve. Here is a cool Desktop project.


Valve’s Proton Windows Games on Linux

Some Links of Linux & Games Native.
Fantastic Contraption SteamOS Linux Discussion.
Feral Interactive ports games. Some of note Tombraiders from 2013 and newer.

Lutris another layer to get games running.

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Top 5 VR Games Recommended

Older VR Games List Steam Community

While Both HTC and Valve have Headset support for linux.

OpenHmd project is adding headset and tracking support for headsets to many OSes.

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Yes, I know.

I would jump on this if it did not require SteamVR and supported the Pimax 8kX.

Well as we only really have 2 pc platforms and Oculus bailed on Linux. We only really have Steam.

And as the p4k only received Linux support through 3rdparty opensource.

8kX is unlikely to have linux support for quite sometime unless pimax gets the open-source flowing. Or Wine patches some support for windows hmd drivers.

Has anyone yet tried to run Pitool using Wine?

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Awesome, pretty cool that linux is getting a VR desktop.

Sadly, without pimax hw support for linux, getting PiTool to run with wine is merely a fun experiment that won’t achieve very much.


Agreed… Though maybe if the headset can be hooked into Vive Mode it might be able to have a workaround.

The p4k has support but that was done by independents

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That’s really awesome that the p4k works on linux, then the newer models might become usable as well in the near future.

Wouldn’t want to stop anybody from trying it but I’d say pimax merely sends the identifier that it’s a Vive nothing else changes, pimax specific drivers are still required.

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It really depends on how it hooks in Vive Mode. Likely will require it’s specific drivers to work fully.

Linux does have Vive support added to Linux Kernel. So it might be possible to spoof it. To gain some success.

Though would be interesting to see if Wine would be viable as it can at least with Amd have direct gpu access.

With the old p4k some even had it working without piplay/pitool on Windows in Oculus.

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As an experiment, if Vive mode is a true emulation of a Vive then it should be possible on Windows to install Vive drivers, put the device in Vive mode and then shut PiService and PiTool down. All Pimax software should be superfluous at this point.

And if that is not the case at least original Vive configuration tools should be able to at least detect the hmd and change settings on a Pimax hmd in Vive mode.

It might well be that the VR software stack is so standardize that all generic functionality of devices that adhere to it are supported out of the box. Unfortunately the topic is not my forte so my uneducated guess is that that is not yet the case, and reserve the right to be wrong :).

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