Linus honest review ?!

Anyone watched this ? Why does this exist... Vive Pro Review - YouTube
He is comparing Viver Pro to Pimax 8k at 6:50

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I found his comment about Pimax on that video to be a bit surprising when you compare it to the first video demo he did with Pimax early prototype… In that video he mentions the flaws of the prototype but clearly states the Pimax will be awesome (next gen) if they correct some issues he notices and says Pimax is “heading to something pretty cool here” … Watch his recap (14:10) at the end and compare that to this recent comment… it doesn’t really add up to me.

8K VR Headset from China – BS marketing, very cool experience… - YouTube


That’s Linus for ya. Same criticizes 8k name then does a review with 3 of the 9 4k projectors needed for 12k & you guessed it calls it 12k. :joy::joy::joy::beers:


Yes… I remember that! Linus is way too commercial for my liking but I do remember seeing that video and thinking the same.


“The resolution, while higher - while it does improve the readability of text - is still low enough that there are obvious aliasing jaggies everywhere. It’s nothing like when I tried the Pimax 8K, though it should be noted that I’m not recommending that thing either. It may boast high resolution and a massive field of view, but the version that I tried anyway was a steaming pile of garbage when it came to tracking latency and lens distortion, both total non-issues for the Vive Pro.”

Saved you a click. :kissing_closed_eyes::mask:


Well, we know they are working to improve the lenses and hopefully, the tracking has been improved too.

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Sounds like you tried the v5. Which had tracking issues due to them installing extra backligjting causing not enough power to things like tracking componets. (Ces 2018)

That was a quote from Linus video :wink: No idea what version he used though


Thanks for the clarity. If from Linus then should be the v2. Which with using the v1 lighthouses is a challenge to get them setup & working.

Yeah, plus it looks like it been through some abuse after all the touring before ending up in Linus video.

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And as we know, that same V2 had fine tracking on the roadshows, so no structural issue, just a failure of Linus‘ unit or setup. The second point, the distortion, has obviously been reported, and Pimax have worked on it - and hopefully corrected it as they said in the latest update that all issues (save for 90 Hz) have been resolved (though they still need to test the latest lens assembly…).

In fairness, when not following the further development of the 8K, and not having any opportunity to verify if any of the flaws he witnessed have been remedied, I don‘t blame him for calling it out for the flaws he perceived. If you were given the choice to get a working, lower resolution HMD or a higher resolution HMD but with lousy tracking & distorted view, well, honestly, you would not recommend the latter, would you. In his eyes Pimax are on to something but may fail to get the puzzle together - if my experience with the V2 had been like his, and not much better as it in fact was, I might be quite sceptical too.