Linus deems VR cool again!

Seriously, this guy Irks me. VR never stopped being cool, he did. And now he’s suddenly back on the bandwagon because psvr has sold 5 million units, the index and HL Alyx has upped the ante and VR tech is getting better and better with HMDs like Pimax.

This guy is eating crow right now, and has the ego to think that making videos where he acknowledges VR now, after essentialy proclaiming it dead and not worth his time , a year into its life time. (2017) he’s suddenly like “I deem it cool again?”

The best was Lukes comment, he “predicted” that VR would be awesone in 5 years time so 2021.

Congrats luke your a frickin prophet. If he really believed that maybe tey not puting out a video saying VR was dead.

I used to love linus tech tips, but I kind of drooped off of their channel for a couple of years as their channel and ego’s grew larger and their content seemed to become more and more outlandish doing pc builds that nobody with a modest budget could afford.

But the VR thing showed a disturbing lack of awareness in emerging technology, that made me lose faith in them.


My personal opinion: Linus is a great YouTuber and I love many of his videos. When it comes to VR though, its obvious he has no clue or knowledge whatsoever. He probably never uses VR anyway, and for that reason alone, he should not be considered as a reliable reviewer for VR tech or VR gaming.


I second this. I have watched my share of his stuff, and his channel and expertise is more related to PC and hardware benchmarks and performance. VR is not something I would consider him to be a reliable source on. But we all have opinions :thinking::wink:


Afaik he is using an Index privately for some time now. Can remember some video where he mentioned this. Not sure how much time he invests with VR stuff, seems to be > 0 though.

Edit: This was it (I think - didn’t watch now): Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review - YouTube

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There is a thread buried somewhere on here where I asked Pimax why in the heck they would send Linus a unit for review, which they did. Off course, as is his usual MO, the video came out late, and he complained about Pimax the whole time.

This is the same guy who a few weeks ago just got an Nvidia BFGD LCD for his home, only to replace it just recently with an LG C9 OLED I believe.

I dont put much stock into what Linus says. If I had been Pimax I would have sent Linus’ review unit to Barnacules Nerdgasm and had him check out the Pitool software since he was a senior developer at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond.


he also kills headsets with his sweat . (Poor TribalInstincts)

The reason Linus was sent one to review was because some backers demanded it. And they wanted to know his opinion before the kickstarter ended.

Some of Linus’s videos have good detailed technical data. In particular, I really appreciate this video on monitor refresh rates, some of which is actually relevant to VR.

His broad generalizations can seem a bit too ruthless at times though.

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I know why Linus was sent an HMD, (I was there lol) but I knew he would do what he always does. He throws opinions out there before he has all the information.

He’s just parroting the uninformed status quo opinion on VR.

I highly doubt his personal views are so pessimistic, but I guarantee he doesn’t want any backlash from having an opinion which goes too far against his viewing audiences perspectives about VR.

Just to update you on Linus. Ever since he got his Index he can’t stop taking about VR. On the WAN show Luke practically has to shut him up every time he talks about it

Now would be the best time to get a fully functional 8K-X over there for review. If he switched to the X for his daily driver it would be a huge win for you guys. Who cares what upload thinks. You need to focus on reviewers with a broader audience


he should rename his channel to linus Pancake Tips

Even an 8K+ would be good.

tbh he won’t like the 8kx because he’s an fps addict, the best headset he could get is the 5k super with it’s 180hz. maybe the 8k+ if it’s running at 110/120hz (i forget which) but anything with less refresh rate than the index is likely to leave him underwhelmed.

I dont think he should be sent another HMD.

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Sweviver should ban him like uploadVR

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