Lighthouses in developer mode

I purchased V2.0 lighthouses through Pimax because they were out of stock at Steam. I had not been able to test them until now because i need the headset. Well, They both have White Leds instead of Green. In looking at the steam troubleshooting page this indicates developer mode. I contacted Steam and they said they need to be replaced. They do seem to function properly so I don’t understand why it would make any difference if they are in developer mode. Anyone have any ideas why they should be replaced?
I have created a support ticket but as you all know it sometimes takes a long time for Pimax to do things. Does anyone know how to take the lighthouses out of developer mode?

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Hi Jim the led color codes on pimax sold Lighthouses is using very old Firmware and is why the led is white instead of green.

@risa2000 has a topic on it.

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