Lighthouse/box and Controller estimated shipping date

Hi there, So I thankfully received my Pimax 8k today, it looks beautiful… however there is certainly something missing …you can probably tell from the topic title (lighthouse and controllers)

Now this is my first ever VR headset so I dont have any vive or oculas rift or any equipment of the sort I can use in the meantime and I really shouldnt have to go out and buy some just to use until the proper stuff turns up.

So, Id like to know is there ANY updated information on the lighthouses and controllers most specifically when we may be seeing them start to be delivered? mounting options for the lighthouses? what type of batteries do the controllers take or is it some rechargable deal?.. there is no real information that I am able to find regarding any of these things (or maybe im blind) its just, the headset is effectively a paperweight until I can get my hands on the lighthouse + controllers which is quite dissapointing…
And for those people who will inevitably say “there are games that dont need the lighthouses and controllers” to you I say why would I have my initial experience with my pimax headset so limited to such games? I want to get in and be able to play the full range of games right away.

so, any official response or guides to such information would be very much appreciated
Thank you

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Lighthouses & controllers last post aiming for sometime q3.

Lighthouses mount with standard connection as per v1.0 Lighthouses.