Light on outside edges of screen

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed, especially when on Small FOV, that there is a band of light down the outside edges of both panels when looking through the headset. I never really noticed it that much when using Normal or Wide FOV, but due to the performance issues in some games, even with a 2080Ti, I decided to reduce my FOV.

I first thought that maybe it was a reflection, but this is not the case as there is no movement to the anomaly when I move my head around or go from a light scene to a dark scene, or even if there is any game being rendered at all (see the attached image).

Next thing I thought was maybe it was using the Digital IPD offset in PiTool, but adjusting that makes no difference.

I’m running the 8K Vision Plus with PiTool and Firmware

try 264 pitool & recent FW, some users also noticed it & there were reports it was fixed in later versions from Alex L., didn’t try it myself though


Thanks Teigue, much better. It’s still kind of there in the very edge when I first put the headset on, but nowhere near as bad as it was before.

I tried reverting back to 260, and beta 263 as well and all had the same.

cc @Alex.liu pleases take a look,

  • just a reminder please try to increase max backlight brightness level which users can select

Hey, after a reboot this morning, the light at the edge has all gone in my testing so far!

I’ll update if it comes back under different circumstances, but thanks for the help.


Strange thing, in Pitool 264, i have a fishbowl effect, that i didn’t have in 264…Maybe it had got to do anything with this issue?

did you update firmware? tried reboot? try to unplug your HMD completely wait 30secs & plug again, if doesn’t help downgrade to previous pitool & downgrage firmware through programs file DFU tool


Pitool hasn’t shown any firmware update for a while, is there a newer one since 255?
(On Pitool 262 it also showed that there was no FW update available)
May have missed a manual update…

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