LGA 2066 enough horsepower for Pimax 8K?

RE: Intel LGA 2066 processors and Pimax 8K headset.

I’m locked into an X299 motherboard and can’t swap to Ryzen or Cofeelake.

Looking at the ‘refesh’ Intel Skylake-X CPU’s, their only benefit is soldered TIM and more PCIE Lanes on the low end CPU’s. In my price bracket, I’d be going 6 or 8 Core Intel LGA 2066:

The specification of these two CPU’s are as follows:

Core i7 9800X, 8 CORE/16 Thread, 3.8mhz base clock, 4.4 mhz turbo. 44 PCIE Lanes, 16.5 MB Cache.
£700/790 Euro/$895 on pre order UK.

Core i7 7800X, 6 CORE/12 Thread, 3.5mhz base clock, 4.0 mhz turbo. 28 PCIE Lanes, 8.5 MB Cache.
£360 UK/406 Euro/$460 or less used.

Any idea please if the above can cope with a Pimax 8K headset, or will the CPU become a bottleneck even with a fast GPU like a 2080TI?

Ideally I’d like to get the cheaper 6 core CPU here, but I’m concerned it won’t have enough ‘guts’ for the headset, or will my memory help compensate that? I’m using 16GB G.Skill 4266 MHZ DDR4 CL19 memory.

Thanks for any feedback.

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I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the CPUs you have listed.

My Ryzen 7 2700x has 20 usuable pci-X lanes +4 reserved for chipset.

While not perfect the Bottleneck calculator can give an idea of possible Bottkeneck caused by cpu.

Your 2066 lga platform should be fine imho considering @SweViver is using coffeelake atm.

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Your i7 7800x with no OC shows 8.26% bottleneck of which it says anything lesd than 10% is good as a baseline.

This cpu had 4 more lanes if 28 is Total & your mem is +666mhz faster than my memory.

So the 6 core should work well, the 8core even better but price point is high. But would give more future proof with higher stock clock extra cores & xpress lanes.


Thanks for all your input, you’re very thorough as usual. :slight_smile:

I think reading what you’ve explained, on my budget it makes sense to get a used 6-core Intel Core i7-7800X first. If it can’t cope then I’ll upgrade to something better once the prices drop. I can pick a used one up for less than 1/2 the price of the new 8-core so I won’t lose too much money experimenting. Also I think giving these notoriously hot CPU’s a 360 radiator of it’s own, should help a bit in terms of overclocking.

Thanks once again.

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Your welcome. Yeah having a 360 rad for sure should give it a decent cooling profile.

It’s not something I have explored myself. But doesn’t deliding also help with cooling as well? Just a thought.

I think you should try with what you have first. It will be fine. If you decide to upgrade I would sell the board and change the platform, The memory is good and can be taken to the new system. I use the same with my i8700K system.

Is your current CPU multiplier locked or can you overclock it? The problem with these is low clock rate. Get the CPU to at least 4.5 Ghz on all cores and you’re golden.

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Don’t bother and go for the cheaper 7800X as the 9x00X line don’t offer any real benefits, only marginal ones, and very very few games today use more than 6 cores, except maybe some flight simulations; and if you don’t have any need to go for SLI then 28 PCIe lanes are more than enough.

Save some money today then wait for the more advanced tech that are possibly coming in
the next 1-2 years timeframe, as there will be some real surprises in this regard.


Thanks. I got a new 7800x for 320 euro and will delid and use liquid metal.


Thanks Thoemse. I perhaps unwisely got an Asrock x299m extreme 4 motherboard (has an OK VRM heatsink) for 100 euro thinking it was a good deal as at the time I wanted an Asrock X399m Taichi Threadripper board which was over 350 euro.

I thought as Threadripper was so successful that Intel would drop their CPU prices to compete, but I was so wrong.

Also another bad thing with Intel HEDT is Skylake-X CPU’s don’t support Intel SGX so you can’t watch 4K Bluray using a 5.25" player even on a 2000 Euro flagship i9-9980XE 18-core HEDT CPU, but you can on an older 4 core i7-7700K Kaby Lake or newer coffee lake CPU…which I sold to get Skylake-X and need to rip 500+ movies to HDD to archive them!!!

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Asrock are excellent cheap mobos, and very feature rich…they have the tendency to always add new features and clean bugs with many firmware updates, so don’t worry…good choice.