Let's see your PCVR setup

Of course here we are talking about different HMD, software, tracking, etc.

How about the PCVR rigs driving our amazing XR experiences? Perhaps these workhorses deserve more recognition.

I’ll start with mine, which is an unusual configuration specifically put together to be easily moved with its own 10 metre mains power drum and onboard monitor, wireless keyboard with touchpad, and storage for USB extensions and other essentials.

It’s mounted on a specialist audio visual trolley which provides a great standing experience ideal for launching games in XR. My wireless keyboard lets me easily interact with the PC when required.

CPU: 8086K 8-pack (5.2Ghz)
Mobo: Asus ROG Hero XI
GPU: Phantom RTX4080
OS: Windows 11
HMD: Pimax Crystal (steamVR faceplate) and Valve Index

This setup lets me wheel my PC into the corridor outside my VR room, run the tether straight under the door, no fan noise or heat in the room. The floor is fully fitted with workshop anti fatigue matting and super comfortable for active movement or lying down.

Three 2.0 base stations give great coverage in my 3 x 2.8 metre play space.


And the rear side, showing the power drum and cabling. It’s currently fitted with Index trident cabling powered by a lovely Tundra Labs PSU in one of the expansion slots


Here’s mine.

A few years old now but does the job.
CPU - i7 9700
GPU - RTX 3080

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