Let's Go For A Spin - Testing Driving Games In The Pimax 8KX And The Yaw VR Motion Simulator Live Replay!

Tonight I decided to grab my 8KX and hop into the Yaw VR motion simulator to test out a few driving games. I have to say that so far the Yaw has been one of the best immersion enhancers I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in VR… Sims have never felt so real for me, so with that in mind tonight I think we will test out a few more only this time behind a wheel and pedals vs a HOTAS! [;]-)

** Sorry for the low mic volume and slightly pixelated image… I have been having issues with OBS since the last update and didn’t realize it looked and sounded a bit bad. I decided to keep this stream though as I feel it is still watchable. []-(

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