Lens size? For screen protectors

I wear glasses and I have scratched lenses. Both my glasses and my hmd’s. I found that these work great! They are already curved to fit and I can’t even tell that they are there.
I’m figuring that I’m probably pretty safe just getting the biggest one they offer (50mm) but I wanted to know how close that is to the actual lens size of the Pimax? 5k+ in particular.
ps: for everyone saying that we don’t need them, I expect to have my Pimax before any lens corrections are available. As I’ve already learned: it takes less than 5 minutes to scratch the crap out of the lenses and, once done, it’s done! There is no repair!!!
Be safe, not sorry!!!

Edit: linked to the wrong product: fixed.


Hey @Strydr.

A quick and dirty photo showing 50mm on my 8k.

Hope this helps mate.



Freakin’ awesome! Thank you!!!

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Your welcome mate :+1:

Just be careful putting those calipers up next to your lenses (unless you already put your screen protectors on).

I was super careful measuring the lens :mask:

I don’t have any screen protectors
The last thing I want is to put a scratch in them.

Would of been quite ironic if I did scratch them seeing as the post was
about getting screen protectors to stop any scratching lol.


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That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw your picture.

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What are the length and width of the oenses?