Lens’s look like the old ones in latest doom through the lens video

Anybody else notice that? Did they straight up scrap the lates prototype lens’s and just go back to v2’s?
I could be wrong here, but it really did look like the older ones. Personally I kind of hope not. The latest lens’s seemed to push the fov further.

Hard to tell, but I also had the thought that the lenses at least seem „different“ then in the Arizona Subshin video. But I could not opt in on the shown footage for a lens.
I guess will know more when the first Kits go out to the reviewers. I have a feeling some one might have at least a modern IPhone like Camera to give it a try.

The lenses of v2 are rounded

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I don’t remember V2 lenses to be that big.

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After the V5 blunder at CES, it would be wise to roll back to V3 as much as possible, and from there iterate to iron out the kinks of V3, as V5 was a definetely a step back. The V3 reviews portrayed a device way closer to a production version than V5.

My big hope is that it’s not just acceptable levels of quality in all the key places, but has that wow factor like the first time you put on a next gen headse feels like.

Again hard to tell, I would not say they landed the baby safely but without long term hands on and technical insides I would not call it crashed either - it is developing and some times what seems like a step back is needed to go further forward.
The reviews will show… or pimax if they care to share more insides after the new year time .

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I think that with V5 they are correcting the V3 defaults (more brightness, more space in front of Lenses…) But by correcting problems, there are new ones that appear. That’s someting common in engeeniring process. It’s frustrating but we need to be patient. :slight_smile: