Lens measurements required for wide-fov aspheric lens blueprint design

I noticed this post on the reddit forums, one of the top commenters offered to print aspherics if given the lens housing measurements.
Is anyone willing to take some measurements of the inside of the lenses and message /u/worldburger on reddit the measurements so he can create a printable, cost effective blueprint which can be printed out of plastic?
@risa2000 @sweviver

These blueprints could even be given to Pimax to convince them that cost-effective plastic aspheric lenses for wide fov can be made, and it might be enough encouragement for pimax to purchase the rights to produce a consumer XTAL headset.


I believe the guy offered printing the lenses if someone provides the geometry of the lens, not the housing. Which means, in other words, to basically design the non-fresnel lens with the exactly same optical properties as the fresnel one currently used in Pimax.

I do not think it will be an easy task even if you know the current fresnel lens optical characteristics, and I am not even sure it will be possible considering the space constraints inside (and outside) the headset.