Legendary Tales (Short explanation, Diablo with a sprinkle of Dark Souls in VR) If I am to recommend one game to random ppl, this would be it

Mind you it’s an early access atm.
There’s a multiplayer coop but no PVP atm. (There’s an Arena, but not sure if that’s PVP.)
Basically, you dive into a dungeon loot weapons, rinse and repeat.
The gameplay is so good that I would recommend this game first if someone just came up to me and asked me for a good VR title.
Not many variations on monsters yet (says more are on the dev’s to-do list), but I feel like that doesn’t matter.
There are reviews on youtube and a subreddit as well, so you won’t need to just take my word.
JFYI, 5800/3080 and it can mostly work at 90fps (with DLSS on).

Edit: Correction. Might be something I did, but it now works around 65+ frames. I’m not gonna tweak it since I can play w/o noticing the drop but JFYI.
Edit2: Turned out that DLSS was turned off because of an update. It still does 90 fps when turned on. Also now the game has their “resolution” option (I think it’s about SS) up to 1.6 from the 1.3 they had. 1.6 does 60fps with DLSS on, so I’m keeping it at 1.6 atm.


you the Dev? :rofl:

i’ve been thinking about this one.

This, everslaught and ancient dungeon are my Jam…

Hellsweeper looks super cool as well.


I have this one on my Steam wish list, waiting for it to go on sale

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