Left screen stays off

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All that to say that the problem never re-occurred in almost 3 years but now that I’m trying to sell my 5K+, the left screen won’t turn on most of the time. I was able to make it work a few times when testing it today and it was continuing to work after that but as soon as I unplug it from the computer and re-plug it, no left screen. The problem is that I don’t know what is it that I do that makes it work. I play with the cable and try all kind of things in PiTool and at one point, it works. Maybe it didn’t appreciate being put in a box for a few months…

Of course the headset is no longer under warranty so if I want a new cable I would need to order one.

Did anyone experience this in the last 3 years and found out that it was not the cable?


I am currently in the same boat. My 5k+ which is barely used the left screen went blank after an auto flash to 271 FW. I rolled it back to 269(may need to look into an older FW). I had wishes could have ran the hmd prior to the forced update. So not sure yet if cable related or an issue with Firmware.

My model is Serial 203 and same as yourself left screen.

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My device is still under firmware 255 which was working fine. I don’t think it’s the firmware in my case.

My model is Serial 203 as well.

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