Left hand simulates floor?

hey guys so I got my kat treadmill and have been trying to use it with my pimax and index controllers but for some reason my left hand is what seems like, to be connected to the floor? as if my controller is the floor and when turned or rotated it changes the orientation inside my headset. Im not sure exactly how to explain it but will attach a video to show. if anyone has experience with this issue please help. when i use my index it has no problem with the treadmill and tracking just for informational purposes so it must be related to the pitool and or kat treadmill


You probably have motion compensation on, disable it in pitool

Hello :
Do you log any ticket to our helpdesk previously?

If you do, please kindly provide me in PM, we need this detail so we are able to speak with the head of support and try to resolve the issues.


I will try disabling this motion compensation as i have not had any issue with my headset and gameplay prior to integrating my treadmill into my setup. And after checking into motion compensation on the web I do believe that may be my issue but I will attempt this after work. If it proves unsuccessful I will have to submit a ticket

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