Leap Motion for PiMax

I bought yesterday Leap Motion and plugged in with pimax, and as i can see it’s extremely inaccurate, if u holding hands very near leap motion (like 20cm) it’s fine, but little more it will broke hands, you can evens how thumb up correcly…

Let’s say, NOTHING SIMILAR as here Leap Motion Blocks for Oculus Rift Playthrough - YouTube

On the video, you can see how good they are, but in reality nothing special…

Does anybody have some experience with it? Maybe i am wrong at something,

Also when i was installing it, it told me that can’t find the GPU driver, but i have gpu driver…

For example, in the video (blocks game) you need to make fingers like this Screenshot by Lightshot in order to create blocks (if isnt like that, you wont be able to create blocks)

But in my experience, the fingers can be 20cm at distance it will also create blocks which is very bad, and unaccurate.

I will make one video later


I bought leap motion yesterday and Im waiting to receive pimax 4k too, but i have DK2. Im going to probe with dk2 in a few days, but you can see videos working well with Pimax (in this forums) and with DK2 in this video

It looks like working ok.

Idk, for example i can’t even teleport good as he can. Please test and tell me how it works