LCD with OLED black levels (in light of fast switch LCDs)

I was thinking today about a video that Linus showed during CES, where he showed off an LCD display that used two LCD panels, one that ran in grayscale at 120 hz, and a full color standard LCD that ran at 60hz.

It gave the benefit of Millions of local dimming zones, basically giving LCD the black levels to compete with OLED. In light of the valve index HMD having displays that run at 144 Hz, it seems like we could soon have a headset that can give us the black levels of OLED without burn in, Black Smear, or longevity issues.

Such a setup would also be easier to run, because you’re not using the high refresh rate displays intending to drive the content at that rate.

If you used the pimax 8K’s 4K panel in the front, and the valve index panels in the back, you could conceivably Run the 8k panel at 1440p 80hz, while you run the same imagery on the back panel in grayscale at 120 hz.

I just had a realization that you could put valve index displays behind the panels ofthe 5K Plus and the 8K, and use them to do a kind of black frame insertion. This would eliminate blur quite effectively without much work.

@PimaxUSA If you guys have fast switch LCD panels with defects that you know you cant ship as products, using them in greyscale as a local dimming backlight for higher end models could be a good use.