Laughter for the Holidays: $1,299 Crystal Christmas Flash Sale!

So Santa brought me a nice email in my stocking this Christmas early.

:christmas_tree: $1,299 Crystal Christmas Flash Sale! :santa:

This promising 3-5 days delivery for the :eu: :us: :uk: & :jp: (where I am)

So I mosey on down to the shopping aisle at the PIMAX Website to check it out.

This if for just the ‘Crystal Only version, with hand trackers


¥ 198,098 (price in Yen after the Flash Sale Coupon + 8years Coupon)

USD-JPY Exchange Rate: 142.12

$ 1,393.83 (Actual USD equivalent cost)

So… I just wonder what math PIMAX is using to come up with $1,299 when the equivalent Yen price is about $100 higher? @PimaxQuorra


Provide the following (as was basically promised) with a slight change:

  1. NEW PIMAX Crystal base set with Controllers @ $1,299
  2. Original 35ppd Glass Lenses
  3. New Wider FoV Glass Lenses (swap from the 42ppd promised 2nd lens set)
  4. DMAS Earphones (which was promised with my pre-order from last year)
  5. Apply 8 Year Coupon (8% OFF sitewide, per your website)
  6. Apply my Pre-Order Coupon $35 value per purchase at last year’s exchange rate
  7. Apply $30 Gift Card (per your website)
  8. Provide free 3-5 day shipping (per your website)
  9. Allow me to order this via

$ 1,299 (Christmas Flash Sale Base Price Before Tax)
$ 30 (minus gift card with purchase of Crystal, per your website)
$ 35 (minus pre-order coupon from last year 2022)
$ 104 (minus 8% off base deal prices of $1,299)

:us: USD $ 1,130 -or-
:jp: YEN ¥ 160,601 (@xrate of 142.12)

How bout it PIMAX, Deal? :money_mouth_face:


From having a good Discussion with @Pimax_Josh you should be able to order off of main site and Amazon will fulfill the order for the most part without buyer incurring extra fees if named in the areas you mentioned.

Just keep in Mind ATM standaloneVR mode has very little content. @SmallBaguette has been testing sideloading apps.

Yeah $1299 would make it £1024.33 but its £1294.50???

I guess Varjo need a flash $750 deal on the Aero lol.

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Well. One of the points about, is to get POINTS. (no pun intended)

But personally I feel the above ‘Deal’ I’m proposing is relatively fair, considering the past year’s events.

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I can’t guarantee that it’s a deal from Pimax, but you could share this with the webstore live chat agent. They could provide better insights! :joy:

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Couldn’t reply in the other thread but the Newegg deal is a dead end.