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June 18th - 14U News is talking about the Scent Simulator

June 16th - MRTV talked about NDA in Episode #22


I love these modules Pimax is going to give as optional add ons but I don’t like the fact you can only have one at a time.

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VR Fart simulator anybody?

Sounds Asian already

But how awesome would it be to bash in the head of a zombie and you get that smell of rotten brain and blood when the splatters hit your face. Or when you break out of that dungeon and you enter the open meadow where you suddenly smell the fresh air again when the light finally hits your eyes again

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It will be very interesting yes. TV tried it years ago Smell-O-Vision - Wikipedia

Health and Safety VR training with burning smells, fuel leaks etc.

As you say games could use it, the smell of gunpowder and metal as you blast away or the smell of a damp cave as you descend the depths of an ancient underworld.

VR Cooking programs!

The porn industry would no doubt get creative too.


The best part of porn and close-ups is the fact you don’t have to smell anything. As described by porn cameramen once. Plus, scent modules will just have a couple of base smells that it will mix, you can’t accurately record and then mix ingedients to accurately give off the original smells anyway. Though, maybe in porn they can have custom cartidges per performer which you can order and install yourself… hmm yea, I guess the industry is going to get into this as they can make good money from enthusiasts


I think it will have to be custom in some way. Mixing your own liquids could be a huge industry with libraries of mixing agents for popular smells. If it has compartments where you can add drops of certain scents and the game has a mod that triggers/burns/whatever it does to those scents it could really add immersion to games.

e.g. Skyrim Scent Pack, contains 3 vials for Battle, Outdoors, Indoors.

You then add droplets of the scents into 3 different chambers and they are triggered by a MOD for the game.

Look how many liquids the e-cigarette industry has. Flavor and smell is big money.

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I really hope it will be a viable industry. But I would also love the hand tracking to be incorporated into more games, albeit via wand emulation because I have the v1 Leap Motion and seriously love seeing my hands and fingers in VR tracked so well.
I hope we can use the hand tracking module, eye tracking module, scent module, prescription lenses and wireless module all at the same time! But maybe these are just the first steps of introduction for a wide audience.

Totally agree. The latest Cat demo by Leap Motion is so good.

I can just see schools of the future filled with kids learning anatomy in the most fun and educating way from the advances that VR and companies like LM / Pimax provide.

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Haven’t tried these new demos yet. Gonna give it a go tonight. Where is that blood smelling scent module when you need it…

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I wonder if more than one module can be used at the same time.

From the images of the different modules I concluded that the eye tracking module
can be used together with other modules as long a it is not using the USB ports on the HMD.

But the Leap Motion hand tracking module and the VAQSO scent module are mounted in the same position below the HMD so their mounting conflicts. Hope that someone from @Pimax-Support team can clarify.

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Just a thought to that, If a scent module emits a puff of scent? (assumption) like those air fresheners then you probably wouldn’t want that mist landing all over a hand tracking module that needs line of sight. Assuming the user is jumping about in VR then the vapor / mist could land anywhere on the front of the HMD no matter the original direction it emits from.

Again assuming it is a vapor and not a burn device.

I doubt you need as much as an air freshener sprays though

Yeah it would be tiny but if it does tiny amounts a lot of times…

Here is more info on their original scent module (translated)

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It would be interesting to see a scent standard, software based, that games implement, where the software directs the module to pull from different base aromas, mixing to make a final aroma for each particular moment in game… in theory of course!

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Kinda like a printer pulls from base colors to mix final colors…

Except smell doesn’t work that way, unfortunately

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On that subject. It might be better if you could remap the input of any hand controller to any hand pose? Can it do that already? Maybe Leap Motion can integrate the OpenVR-InputEmulator (Steam Remapper) with many different hand pose gestures that a user can choose from and then select which button/joystick/thumpad it replaces. These would be tracked poses too.

Steam remapper:

This way games (hopefully) do not need to be recompiled.

e.g. closed fist, thumb sticking up and bent over. Move your thumb in any direction and you have either touchpad or joystick tracked motion from your thumb.