Late backer response

Hi @anon84525399 , so my survey never came through, but i recently filled it in from the link in the spreadsheet forum post you made, however i wasnt keeping up to date with all of the news and changes that had been made, would it be possible to change my response so that i recieve the 5k+ rather than the 8k? in addition to this, if anyone could briefly talk to me about any requirements i may need, im just recieving the headset, as i already have vive v1 basestations and controllers, is there any issue with using these? also my vive breakout box is a little iffy, should i order a new one before the pimax arrives or does it just plug in directly?


Pimax headsets will work fine with v1 controllers & base stations.

It’s only v2 Lighthouses that are not compatiable with v1 controllers, headsets & cannot be used with v1 LHes.

@EarlyBackers that have v1 LHes, Controllers & breakout box can answer better on details of xp using.

The pimax headset & controllers will work with both LHes.

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Can you give me your order number via PM for me to check the status for you?

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Done :slight_smile: thanks for the info also @Heliosurge

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