Lack of dynamic brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness controls is killing the 4K's potential

So, I just downloaded DEO VR video player, and it has dynamic sliders for all the usual display adjustments. All I can say is WOW!


I was just watching some videos in this player, and the brightness and even saturation were able to almost match Oculus CV1 as far as LCDs go. It even helps lessen the gjosting and especially vertical black lines by A VERY LARGE DEGREE!

@SweViver please get the software guys working on this. For the love of God talk to the DEO dev if you have to. no excuse for the LCD to be as dim as it is.

Now that I have seen it, this has to be fixed

You guys are sitting on an HMD that goes.up against reverb for lack of SDE and visible detail, but you cant enjoy any of that because the panel is too damn dim!

@PimaxUSA please have the guys look into it. If I could play games at the Contrast, sharpness, saturation, and brightness settings of my own choosing, this would be the best device I could have purchased.

I just bought this thing, and I CANNOT BELIEVE you guys have not done more to improve the brightness. At 1st I thought it was a display limitation, or the blue light filter.


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Hi, Deo VR can work with mouse-keyboard? I think I tried it las year and did not work for me.

Simplevideoplayer works with the mouse and you can change brightness, contrast and so on, but it does not really improve the visual quality.

Im using gamepad. 360 or X1 controller works.

Well, I have feedback to development, waiting for a reply. Thanks


Anything you guys can do would be great.

Check out DEO VR player’s adjustment sliders for inspiration.

You guys might also enable the color compression (that you initially put in the 4K) for RTX cards to enable full 4k 60hz.

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Well my biggest complaint about the original 4k panel (not sure if that’s the same as you have) was the ghosting. I could live with the dimness but the ghosting was just too bad, especially in games. But the lack of hardware IPD was really my number 1 downside about the pimax 4k hmd, I could never used the hmd for more than 10 minutes without feeling sick.

I guess im immune to it due to using Gear VR innovater for note 4. To me the ghostibg is similar to the 2 frame rise problem, or the ghosting from 3D glasses.

Considering I paid $69 I have no complaints.

I tried my 1440p gear VR after the 4K, and its a pixel mosaic now lol. I shudder to think of what the CV1 must look like.

I also love the headphones, the anti fogging, and the removable face foam. Totally awesome.

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Yeah true, for the price I guess it’s ok, can’t really go wrong with such price.

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I think shutter speed control would be a good feature.

Color was lacking in video, games you dont notice it too much, but yes, GHOSTING, BAD!!

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Ive pumped up saturation for videos, and the color was much better.

This is legitimately a good headset once you adjust the brightness and contrast. Saturation adjustment for all apps would be awesome.

I love the anti fog feature. I just tried my CV1 to see the differences, and on rift I get God rays, instant fog up, and NOW I CAN SEE the diagonal lines despite the rift’s diffuser filter.

My Gear VR looks like a pixel mosaic now. lol

Most of the apps I use are running well on my 1060 3gb.

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