KS_600 8KX Headset review

I saw a lot of reviews and claims and quibbling that made me wonder if I would like it, but I do like it, and I wouldn’t worry about making it your #1 headset. While it’s not screen door free, distortion free, or 100% human eye resolution, it’s going to be the headset I measure other headsets by for a while.

It’s weird going to the lab / lightfield demo / robot repair / raw data / other experiences and seeing it all so sharp and lifelike - feel like I’m seeing them for real this time around. 9/10 would ign. It’s a step up from the 5k+ 202 series in every respect.

The headphones seem about as good as quest. They’re OK, but won’t be using them for myself.

Only received one face foam in the package. edit it’s got glasses cutouts and probably is the thick one Shipped to USA and didn’t pay any extra imports or fees.

Also, didn’t include a manual, warranty info, cleaning cloth, setup guide or anything beyond a letter + headset + cable.


Did you mean while its not?


Still only one face from? Has this problem been sorted yet ? @PimaxUSA. @PimaxQuorra


Thanks for the quick impression. :+1:

Hi Paul

Thanks for the quick review, just one question.
The 1 included foam, what that the Thick one with cutouts for glasses or the Thin one ?


Has glasses cutouts, so it’s the thick foam I guess?

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Not distortion free / etc. Made a formatting error and then the forums went down!
I will say that when you’re in game vs inspecting things, most of this doesn’t really show up at all.

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