Kopin oled screen

2kx2K 120hz, 10ms oled screen for 50$


That’s what i would like to see into the Pimax 8K.

Why would you like to see it in the PIMAX? It is a faster display but it’s not certain that it would provide a better image quality.

Well 2x2x2k would be like a 4k panel so this would be an improved version of the Pimax 4k.

I think it would be much better:

  • 120 hz vs 60 hz currently, so less dizziness
  • lower response time so less ghosting
  • hardware IPD, so feels better for the eyes
  • improved colours (OLED vs LCD)
  • slightly more pixels available for each eye (because of software IPD some pixels are not used)

If they stick in a display port 1.3 (or 1.4) adapter so we don’t need DSC and have true 4k input available @ 120hz, man, this thing would shake up all the big players. In fact, why would anyone buy anything else ?

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I fully agree with you.
It would be very nice when Pimax would use these displays with dp-connection.
I hope Pimax gets a nice deal with them.

Agreed. I think it would have a fit in an improved version of the PIMAX 4K (PIMAX 4K+). I think the PIMAX 8K would need higher resoultion panels to justify the name.

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Man like this article states: Virtually boring: VR really disappoints at CES this year - CNET the VR field is really not moving forward. The only one moving forward seems Pimax. You’d almost be tempted to create your own startup, it really doesn’t seem hard to create a VR goggle if you have a coupe of skilled software developers and someone who knows hardware. Get a deal with Kopin to buy their 2kx2k panels and you’re ready to go :slight_smile:

I guess the only difficult part is not getting sued over software infringement (using Oculus drivers and emulating vive etc). So you’d have to be in China I guess.

It’s kinda sad to see that no one of the big players is moving forward. Yet that also yields big opportunities for startups like Pimax.

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The GPU performance needed just isn’t affordable to an majority. Majority always takes precedence even if it stalls progression. In the end, from a business perspective, the goal is to release what profits.

Anyone remember how disappointed potential Oculus CV1 purchasers were to find out the price would not be 350-450?

Now imagine if the CV1 released with the Touch Controllers. The price would be right with/over Vive.

Does it have anything to do with the next sony smartphone 4k screen?

I say it because the current screens look much like the z5 premium