Kona VR not working

Did anyone tried Kona VR out and found a way to play? No matter what Settings I use I can’t get past the menu, which also has a graphical glitch!

Wish I saw this before I bought the game. Not working for me.
Title multiplies all over the shop.

Given you responded to a 3 year old post it’s not like it was an unknown issue :grinning: It seems over-priced.

It was on Steam Summer Sale. I must remember to search these forums before buying games.
On saying that this is the only post on here about it from 3 years ago and it could have been fixed by now for all I knew.

On the plus game is cheap during the sale.

A couple of things that might work. Try Vive mode. If that doesn’t work switch vive mode off.

Try launching from desktop some games will give option to load in OculusVR mode; you may get a message of incorrect hmd but should still launch. Everspace iirc works this way as the steam version is unstable.

If game is Unreal try pirender at 1.0, 0.75

If all else fails refund.

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Thanks for tips. Will give it a shot.
If it doesn’t work might just refund the VR DLC and play it on the monitor. Depends how good the game is. Some games would be absolutely terrible if not for the novelty of them being VR games.

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I hear you. It is ashame Ethan Carter VR isn’t fixed as it is a really nice looking game in br

I am starting to think owning a Pimax is pointless. There are so many games that I just cannot play on it that other people I know play fine on the their headsets.

Wide field of view is all well and good but useless if you can’t play games on it.
I wish more could be done at Pimax’s end to get these games working.

Maybe post a list as I haven’t found too many games that have issues running.

I am sure someone posted a spreadsheet on here somewhere about games that run and don’t run.
Of the games I tried to play off the top of my head, Sneaky Bears doesn’t work.
Batman Arkham VR.
VR sections of Rise of the Tomb Raider.
There’s a couple of Asian games and a museum tour thing and small non game things like that that don’t work at all too.
If games do work then they risk being glitchy. Had problems with LA Noire VR.

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Okay been awhile since I saw thsy spreadsheet. Will have to look for it and creste a section in guides.

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runs wothout any problems for me.
for the other stuff, sorry, i didnt have it.

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It’s probably not as bad as I think. There’s just precious few good VR things out there to use and it gets annoying buying a VR game and finding that it does not work but works fine on Oculus or Vive, etc.

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Depending on title; vive compatibility mode might work. Everspace unless fixed was only working good on oculus.

But yeah we need more decent titles coming out. On the good many devs seem to be implementing pimax no pp.

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Oh man I feel like an idiot. Vive mode fixed it! Thanks for the suggestion. Wasted board space.
One issue that might crop up for people in games with VR support as a DLC is that if you launch it from Pitool it launches the Non-VR version. Don’t know if that’s something Pimax can fix in the software.
If running from STEAM it prompts you for which version you wish to run. Be good if Pitool automatically sends the correct request to SteamVR and launches the VR version by default.

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Need to try it again.


Yeah some early steam titles look for headset identifier.

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Was this what you were looking for?

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Yes indeed. Thank you.

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