Kodi Player no cursor

I am new to Pimax, i open Kodi Player, can see it in my Pimax headset, but there’s nothing for me to use to click on something. No mouse cursor. No red pointer where you use your head to point to click something. Nothing at all.
Please help.

At least in Gear VR you have a head cursor for you to point your head.

I spent 5 hours trying to get a video player in Pimax working. I think i am giving up.

Use Virtual Desktop. It is very versatile, even the cinema is present.

I can’t. Steam is rejecting all of my credit cards. Never had this problem elsewhere.

Anybody has a better solution?

Skidrowgamesreloaded do not ask for credit cards

There is no VR players in Skidrowgamesreloaded

Drag your cursor on the desktop to the right till it moves off screen. You should see it in your headset

I spent about 4 hours with Pimax Support (Skype) yesterday to get Kodi working.
Kodi is crap. A total waste of time.
Use Whirligig. It works.

True kodi has always been heavy on resources. Lol

A free player to checkout for 3d stuff check out Bino player

Does this work with Pimax or is it just a player?
I downloaded it but it only displays on the pc monitor.

Its just a player so you would need to use video/extend mode. Apparently it can be plugged into kodi as well.

Have you tried Whirligig? It’s free as well and works great with Pimax.

Have you installed the latest firmware and Piplay?

I noticed during the installation of the new Piplay that they have put NoloVR support into it as well.

Unfortunately, to me the image quality appears no better and discussion with Pimax support indicated that they don’t really understand what the issues with image quality/ghosting are. So I don’t feel confident that we will see any fix/improvement any time soon.
I hope I’m wrong.

One more thing. Has anyone else seen the 1920 X 1080 @ 103Hz setting in Nvidia control panel when Pimax is in Video Mode?
I tried it out and didn’t see anything that look like a fps of 103Hz.

I haven’t i stalled lastest firmware or new PiPlay as of yet. Probably will do new firmware but probably going back to 1.1.92 the ghosting is just too pronounced on my cf 7950x2 in the 1.2x versions.

Haven’t tried whirliwig yet. Do have SourVR player installed & its not bad.

Bino is neat tho as you can feed it 3d & non 3d with a large variety of outputs & adjustments. I have used it to watch sbs 3d on my non 3d tv using red blue glasses.

Atm with prepping ti move haven’t had time.

As for ghosting & image quality might need a rig setup to video through headset eye peice to demo the ghosting. Then take picture through lense to show difference of visual quality.

Hmmm… For visual quality for them to see running VRMark on both might help them see with reading the plaque… In 1.1.92 much easier to read compated to later betas. But i think this might be fixed if they get Nvidia & Amd VR optimizations implemented; as they do function in 1.1.92.