Kinect2VR & Driver4VR

Okay Folks This Discusion to explore some Alternatives for Roomscale/standing motion controllers.

Here are a couple of Programs that may help.


  • Review Kinect Body Tracking(XB360)


  • Installation (Kinect Body Tracking)
  • Calibration

@MarcoBalletta has I believe some experience

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Not with kinect :frowning:

I did not look into it because the tracking was lost because of the limited reach of the camera, i believe

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There will be limits for sure as from review of body tracking seems to be more front 180.

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This is why i have been in hold with that.

If i am not mistaken, i think Greg of driver4vr was tying to work on some sort of multiple cameras implementation so that the coverage could be expanded to 360 degree

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Truth depending on what these folks have done recently might be possible with using colored clothing; just not sure if either has explored this idea. But recall something about adding color trackimg if mem serves.

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Driver4vr for works great for forward facing body tracking with compliment to my vive controllers and is quite a lot cheaper than getting three vive trackers.

Greg has talked about getting multi kinect tracking but that its very hard because of conflicts of having multiple kinects connected, multiple ps2 eyetoy cameras works for other softwares but i dont know if it works with driver4vr since i havnt tried it, i also havnt really kept up with development since early 2018 so what i just typed out may have become old news since then.

I saw Greg recently put out a vid about roomscale where he is managing to play beatsaber using a kinect and a cardboard hmd so apparently forward facing roomscale with gesture input for at least some controller actions is working very well.

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I recall long before Oculus some folks were using 2 kinects with was green screen deal? But of course all things will have drawbacks.

Eye Cameras as far as I know is supposed to work on Both programs. For cpu heaviness wondering if we can off set this with cpu affinity & priority.

Ps4 Camera has been hacked somewhat awhile back.