Kickstarter payment

can someone with more experience with kickstarter be able to explain me when my Visa card will be charged. It’ going to be exacly 3rd Nov, or day later ? Also I want to mention that I have no credit card just debit Visa card. I hope this card will be honored on kick.

Kickstarter is going to charge your debit card/Credit card shortly after the Kickstarter ends. There isn’t a set time when that happens because Kickstarter has to do it all at once (all those thousands of people). You need to have your payment instrument working on the day Kickstarter ends. If your payment fails (expired card, not enough cash, etc) Kickstarter will send you an email informing you of the problem and will provide you 7 days to correct the situation. If you fail to correct the payment issue after those 7 days, you will be dropped from Kickstarter as a backer of the project.

A debit Visa card will work just fine.


many thanks for this info !

Does the Visa credit card work fine?


Yes, Visa credit card works fine.

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Thank you, now I’m calm :slight_smile: I decided to pay with credit cards just in case.