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Base Station Delivery Advisory
April 28, 2020

Dear Pimax Backer,

We’re very excited that the shipments of KS base station you have been waiting for are finally shipping in large quantities even though we had to face numerous challenges. Some of the recent challenges are the fact that shipping services have experienced considerable difficulties and delays.

With your support we are thrilled to get the base stations to your door.

Prior to delivery there is some important information you must know.

1 . Freight:

A . Pimax is offering free delivery for all the customers who have ordered no more than 2 base stations. The current freight charge is extremely expensive but Pimax will bear these costs for our backers. Be advised that during the current COVID-19 Pandemic it is requiring about 4 weeks to travel from Shenzhen, China to your doorstep.

B . For those who ordered 4 or more base stations, you have to pay extra $15 shipping fees for the additional 2 base stations.

C . For those who would like to EXPEDITE shipment using a faster method we are offering a VIP Express service which requires 7~10 days and will add an extra $15 to your shipping charges. The current shipment cost is approximately $30 for sets of 2 base stations. To sign up for expedited VIP service please follow the following link:

2 . Customs Fee’s:

In a few cases you may be charged a customs fee from your local customs. You will have to pay these fees to customs for clearance if requested, otherwise the parcel will automatically be returned to Pimax. Please kindly take note, due to different regions, the tariff will be vary. If this does occur please contact our helpdesk (email) immediately and we are here to support any customs issues that may arise.


Your Pimax Team