Kickstarter goal met in less than an hour

To Pimax:

Please build a time machine and start manufacturing 8k headsets a month ago. Otherwise you’re gonna have a lot of upset fans :frowning:

Seriously, I hope you guys are starting production asap!

And congrats!


Yes, all guys did a great job! Congratulations! Now let’s see a little bit far… how about 1M US dollars…

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Pimax are going to knock this one out the park in terms of pledges and pre-orders.

44 days to go (November) and they’ve met their goal in a few hours, and there’s still articles to come on Roadtovr etc and others won’t have seen ‘Norm’ from tested Youtube review yet.

Seems Vive/Oculus should have listened to the consumer, and Pimax filled a gap in the market.