Kickstarter: Base station , Controller etc

Good day, as now most of the backers have received their HMDs or getting them at these days I am wondering if there is already a delivery date for the base stations, Controllers and the other stuff promoted in the kickstarter project.

I am asking especially for the base stations and controllers which I also backed on kickstarter. I am wondering if it makes sense for me to wait for them to be delivered or if i really need to spend money to get a HTC Vive. Because right now I have a wonderful piece of hardware which I can´t use.



I too would like to know this!

What I wound up doing was blagging used lighthouses and controllers off eBay. Cheaper than an entire Vive at least, and you can always sell them on when the Pimax gear turns up.

Same for me. As a rift owner I don’t have base stations. The 3DoF is not working good enough for seated sims for me, the off axis shifting is too pronounced.
On the other side I don’t want to spend time and money to get a v1 base station. The new ones should be less costly (at least to produce) and come without moving parts so being more durable is expected…
Rumors are we have to wait for end of year, but I’d like to know the current state of affairs what Valve promised for PimaxVR (bakkers)…
Also would like to get a monthly update on the other extras, e.g. stretch goals we are supposed to receive as part of the kickstarter campaign


Looks like q2 q3 (likely q3)

See @glassy99 summary of Kevin’s onterview

See this post for the latest info we have:


I backed this this product Nov 2 2017. finally got the headset 14 months later. 12 months later than promised. I still have no base stations, controllers or the upgraded hand controller module promised as the compensation for switching from the 8K to the 5K. It has been constant delays and excuses from this company the whole time and now the rumor is later this year before I may get these. That will be 2 entire years since the initial order. Who can make an excuse for this kind of conduct? Pimax do not “thank me for my patience” because I have run out


Now please be aware I am not defending. Simply stating some misconceptions.

1 you didn’t order anything as per what Kickstarter Faq says(you backed a project). Delivery clearly said estimated - so no actual promise.

Average kickstarter is delayed by a year. (Yes I would have liked to have sooner.)

Current projection with controllers (1 version anyway) is this summer likely July or August.

I too hoped hand tracking module would have been released awhile ago.

Patience is s virtue often in short supply. It’ll come & hopefully this will be a summer of smiles. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I hope So, I have a kickstarter as well that backed 8K, then downgraded to 5K+ With the Handtracking module added to the price as well.

Though, i have the controllers and base station pre ordered.

Just hope we can hear something sometime next month.

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Especially when some one has your money.

Ah but that is the interesting thing. We backed a project through crowd funding. There are folks whom backed projects & received nothing even though the kickstarter was successful. No money returned.

One project was promising that could have enhanced vr in a special spatial audio headset.

Hardlight Vest I believe not all stretch goals were made prior to company folded.

The money we backed with is not our money once backed. All we can hope for is the carrot(s) used to encourage supporting are received. And while slow we are receiving.

That being said I am happy that things are moving forward & I didn’t lose $2k (CA) on a roulette spin.

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What about the people who pre orded the controllers and Base Stations along with the HMD (non-backers)?
This is all still crappy!

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Pre orders are customers. And the LHes & Controllers were listed as deposit. Yes it does suck it’s not out yet.

At least were dealing with Pimax & not Sisense(sp?) Whom conducted a Kickstarter & took pre orders. Strung backers & pre orders a long for 4 years. Released nothing. The only sort of positive. When they sold their researched refunded both parties money. The bad only what was charged 4 years ago; meaning Backerd & Pre orders received a loss on their investment.

As I said at least pimax is delivering; just taking longer then they or we have hoped.

Waiting is always crappy; receiving nothing at all really sucks. (Remember I am generally stuck with seated xp only)


Pushing pimax for lighthouse delivery now is just going to compromise the quality of controllers that are released as well, as it will cause the time schedule to get shortened but… we get crappy controllers

Then just deliver the LH’s now, problem solved.

Stop comparing pimax 8K KS campaign to any other KS, this is stupid…

Pimax 8K KS is NOT “a kickstarter”.

They just have used the KS plateform to raise funds, and that’s all this KS has in common with other random KS.

Pimax was an established company before the 8K KS, they had made the Pimax 4K, and for the 8K they have raised like 10 times the KS funds from private investors… Name one other KS that did that…

And raising funds through a KS doesn’t allow to lie. Now they are lying (and they already did before). 2 months back they were making a very clear announcement all LHs supply issue has been resolved, that LHs are very close to be shipped to backers, that they will be there before controllers, that LHs were being produced and getting off the lines, that they were at the point of sorting things like regional powersupply and documentation, that they will accept customers/backers choice if they prefer to receive the LHs asap, and NOW they throw at us this new excuse from out of nowhere there would be a moq preventing them getting a single LH ??? And there are still people to defend them ??? Seriously…

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Sisense is a great comparison as they didn’t even really need funding in comparison. It is no random Kickstarter. 4 years with Backers & pre orders(that should never have been sold.

Pimax wasn’t originally manufacturing the headsets they designed & while a bit mixed results at present they are delivering.

Hardlight Vest was successful beyond their Kickstarter & even dropped the price by %50 of what backers paid & folded never delivering all the stretch goals. The good news while maybe little comfort they opensourced the software & maybe the hardware.

Nothing Random of my choices. 1 well established company that delivered nothing. 2 successful KS; 1 failed to deliver anything & 1 dropped the consumer version below KS price & folded before delivering stretch goals.

We are fortunate that yes it doesn’t look like pimax is going to fail to deliver.

The LH concern is a valid point as per Pimax’s faq on delivery options but that is perhaps still an unknown to what pimax will or will not do in spite of recent issues.

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I didn’t back so I ended up ordering the Index Lighthouses and controllers. I at least have a ship date and a known price. You guys are being very optimistic that the Pimax controllers/bases will ship this year. Not to mention some unknown price that will need to be paid after giving them $300.


It’s not an “order”. It’s a kickstarter. You could have ended up with nothing. Lots of kick starters fail. Your stuff will come eventually, but it takes time.


That is the question for pre orders is indeed price. Date of course is what were all waiting on. Atm sometime summer is last projection on at least one version of the controller (eco version).

LH price should be on par with Valve & HTC same likelihood with controllers to ensure sales. But only time will tell.


People still let themselves believe their lighthouses are coming when the nonsense controllers release.

LHs will ship with controllers. Backers get Sense controllers. There is no timeframe on the Sense controllers.

So unless you want nonsense then those LHs are further away than most people are thinking.

They’re not comparable to stretch goals either. These are items we added significant money for.

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