Keyboard in VR possible with hand motion module?

With the time I spent using Virtual Desktop I realize that it’s a bit pain in the ass to use keyboard in VR. With the pimax hand motion module, will it be possible for us to see the keyboard in VR when using the keyboard? Mine has backlight for keys so I guess it will be ez for hand motion module to recognize it? Or if there is already a cheap solution out there?

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That’s a good idea,We have add your suggestion to our suggestion box.Thank you again and really a good idea~~


glad that i can be helpful here. I hope the team will take up on my suggestion and make it happen. Will be a very nice and attractive feature!

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use OCZ software it should work to register the backlit keys and translate them into a digital image

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The hand tracking module uses infrared, normal light can’t be seen by it

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Why not just a virtual keyboard? No need to sense the real one.

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How do you type in a virtual keyboard?

Honestly, what has always bothered me is the fact that no one has made a keyboard you can see like the controllers. I would love for you guys to invent an IR keyboard. It could have IR as backlighting instead of RGB or both if possible. I would totally pay for that if it WAS a peripheral that I could see in game.

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No one’s heard of this?


They announced it last year. Who know how long it will be until we can buy it.

I think with the hand motion module, all we need is to be able to see the rough shape of the keyboard and where our hands are. And we should be able to use it no problem. If we can actually see where and what the keys are, it will be golden

You can get all the pieces for this setup (other than the bridge) off the shelf, but it looks like they’ve run out of bridges and they won’t be making any more, according to this page:

At the same time, this post talks about the project and one of the comments provides the STL file so you can print the bridge yourself:

good stuff. I was just thinking one should be able to 3D print the bridge themselves.
But do I really want to spend 250 bucks just for the use of keyboard in VR? I think for most people will be no. To me utilizing the hand motion system for more generic use is better

Yeah, using the tracking module would be ideal, but I wonder how accurate the combined finger/keyboard tracking would be. I guess if you’re a decent touch typist close would be good enough, but other people would probably be fumbling around since in the typical typing position of the hands, there would be significant occlusion of the fingers.

keyboard usually has a fixed position unless you are putting it on your lap which I doubt would be a common case in VR, so really I think a good initial scan of the keyboard then occasional rescan will be good enough. plus, build in preset for known popular keyboard will also help

Tracking needs to be pretty flawless though, as with anything in VR.

it use near infrared with enough ambient light

the keyboard could be seen by the cameras and reproduce in VR, but the image would be distorted because of the fish eyes style lens. Much processing should be done but it’s possible.

It would be displayed in virtual space and you would touch the keys with virtual fingers. Just like in-game virtual buttons I’ve seen, personally in the game Portal where you poke them while holding a controller, and as I’ve seen Sweviver do with his virtual finger in some flight sim demos he’s done. Could it not be done?

It won’t be as easy and as fast as actual keyboard. I mean who type with only two fingers right? Lol

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Then maybe rather this?
It can produce on the fly 3D representation of your surroundings - about 200-250$.
You could also see you hotas and the like …