KDMAS Works with the 8KX (Use Adapter Cable to Left Connector)

After this topic, I was under the impression that it wouldn’t. Having received my backer box I can say it works. But it’s really not any better than the built in audio (SMAS), in fact I think it sounds maybe a little tinnier until you put the ear cushions on. The volume is no better than SMAS either, but maybe that’s because it’s not supposed to be used with the 8KX?

The placement of speakers for KDMAS is also bad for my head shape. The center of the speakers are at the very tip of my ears, and there is no way to adjust the height. I was going to splash out for the DMAS but not if this is what I can expect. Either way, I’m fairly underwhelmed.

There is a way to adjust the height! By pulling on the connecting rods you can get perhaps 14mm of travel. Fully extended it’s within an ok range for my ears, but still higher than I would like.

KDMAS works poorly with the 8KX, I would recommend using the SMAS over the KDMAS, or plugging the KDMAS directly into your PC instead of your audio jacks on the 8KX.

EDIT3: Sound is a bit glitchy, but use the Y adapter plugged into the left port and the sound is much better. Thanks to @VoodooDE for figuring this out.


Not surprised about the quality of the speakers and placement, but maybe the modders among us can find a way to make it work like it should (sigh…again :unamused:

You can definitely adjust the height they move up and down


Voodoo has the same experience. Im pretty sure the audio driver is the same as the SMAS just lower and a cup over it.

I put my hands over my Smas speaker and whike it was in improvement. The lack of bass and any tone below 200hz was gross.

i want to believe the DMAS will be index level but at this rate i doubt it. $100 extra dollars…im glad i didnt commit to that amd will wait to see wjat someone else says.

This is false. Not the same.


good to know.

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That might be a slight exaggeration… :rofl:

maybe…this was my qualitative observation. :slight_smile:

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WOW didn’t think it could get any worse than the SMAS :man_facepalming:t4:


I have a very bad feeling for the upcoming DMAS… :unamused:


Agreed. It’ll be a shame if the DMAS ends up crap because it would be nice to have a cleaner and oem aesthetic for the 8KX than some Frankenstein appearance with another headset’s brand (Vive DAS).

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Yes, I’m hoping that the DMAS does in fact sound at least as good as the Index if not better, but I’m really starting to doubt if that will be the case now. I’ll hold out judgement until it releases and gets reviewed by those who have already ordered it.

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why does Pimax sell such junk?

didn’t we deserve better?

we want bass too !!!

no bass, no fun.

no bass … then it’s rubbish!


Pimax has been quite honest that the KDMAS is only intended for headsets which cannot use the DMAS or SMAS. Frequency response graphs published by Pimax reflect this.

My own impression is that the KDMAS is mostly about fulfilling promises.

Exactly that.

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this sounds awful since bass starts at 150Hz the earliest, more like 80-120Hz.
So this is quite a huge range of undesirable sound left along the way.

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i think i added an extra 0. ill correct it


I ordered the Pimax 8KX with the expensive Audio Delux headband.

does it mean that I get such bad headphones now ???

that would be a disaster!


No…you ordered the DMAS, not KDMAS


where is the difference there?

K(ickstarter)DMAS = On ear. Works on any headset (includes y-cable for use old generation headsets).
DMAS = Off ear like Valve Index. Works only on the 8KX as they require more powerful amplification.

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