Kdmas VS dmas ok to swap?

The sound from the DMAS with my new 8kx sounded pretty crappy compared to the KDMAS I have on my older [first] 8kx HMD. I ordered a set of KDMAS earphones yesterday, but I didn’t check to see if the KDMAS can be installed in the new 8kx 2076 version. Is it OK to swap the earphones? Has anyone here done it? Is it a better sound with KDMAS? I still have time to cancel, if I made a mistake buying the KDMAS. Thanks for any input take care all…Eddie.

i think they are interchangeable but best to double check by asking support.

Thanks tykey6. I thought this was where the support people would respond, as well as fellow members here. In my case, it’s the members that respond with excellent advice. For sure someone here would know if I can use the KDMAS earphones. I’m not going to cancel the order. I’ve got a sense that there’s no reason they shouldn’t work. Know what I mean? I’ll let everyone know once the earphones get delivered. Thanks again all take care,Eddie.

I received the KDMAS earphones, but there were no foam earpads in the box. Without thew ear pads, the sound is horrible. I contacted the seller at Amazon Canada, and the reply was, that’s how the manufacturer shipped them. I know that’s wrong. I’ve purchased the KDMAS a while ago and they had the required earpads. I googled where to buy KDMAS foam earpads with no luck. Can’t buy just the pads anywhere. Can anyone here help? I’ll pay for the pads etc if anyone has them, or if anyone knows where I can get them. Thanks all take care…Eddie.

try here ^
create a ticket or use the live chat when a support agent is online.

You can measure the diameter on KDMAS and buy generic soft pads for headsets, like from amazon.

Thanks BrziJoe. I checked the site, but I can’t find any earpads small enough for HMD earphones. Did you happen to see pads that might fit? If so, please direct me to that page. The KDMAS is pretty much useless without the cups. Thanks again buddy…ttyl…take care…

I needed similar pads before, and I was lucky to find super cheap earphones in a cheapest low quality store in vacation :slight_smile: Later I saw replacement pads all over the internet, but I do not have any specific store/link.

They are mostly same system connected on headphones, so choose similar pads diameter and buy cheap.

I did find some pads that look like they might fit. Thanks again BrzJoe, When they get here, I will let everyone here who own KDMAS os DMAS earphones know if the generic pads fit properly. Take care my friend…Eddie.

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Just thought I drop a small piece of info here regarding the KDMAS. It might have been suggested in some thread somewhere already. I was using the DMAS for quite some time, but I’m one of the “lucky” ones who have an 8KX with the dreaded DMAS whine which kills my head after a few hours. I was shipped the KDMAS as a fix to my problem and the ticket was closed :roll_eyes: . Yes, they removed the whine, but it also removed the off-ear experience which was the entire reason for upgrading to DMAS in the first place. The bass is better in the KDMAS, for sure, but I did not really enjoy them due to the pressure on my head from the ear cups, so I removed the plastic part and attached the pads directly to the drivers (yes, they fit with no modifications needed :slightly_smiling_face:) This (for me, depends on head shape i suppose) actually made them, kind of an on\off ear hybrid with the benefit of the extra bass punch. They still touch my ears, but just barely. A compromise I’m willing to deal with.

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