KDMAS - headphones wiring on Pimax 5k+

I would like to know, how do you wire your KDMAS headphones (and the Y-split cable) with the Pimax 5k+ (or other “Non-Vision” headset). I found kind of acceptable solution, though I still do not like the fact that the main jack is slightly bent out of its axis by the main headset cable, but I guess it is inevitable, if I want to keep the main cable “dilatation” loop.

Here are some photos - left side:

Right side:


May no way around it and it looks probably as good as possible.
Still…I hate the fact they wasted many thoughts which should be logic and I seriously doubt their state of mind at times.
At the very least they could have made the adapter cable 3cm longer in order to put it close to the HMD side of the CK. That way it could be wired way less obviously.
It‘s just ugly for very unnecessary reasons.

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Or incorporated placement on the headstrap for it. I myself would have prefered to have it integrated with a simple toggle switch for single or dual ouput.

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Yes, but this would have required more actual thought that I‘d dare to ask for, given the experience until now.

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True and we know they originally said with the KDMAS it was only going to have a single output.

However can understand why they would avoid creating 2 distinct versions of the base MAS.

As it is there will be a risk of mixing up KDMAS with DMAS as it seems the kdmas is just the Dmas with different speaker drivers.

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Same cable management for me.

To avoid the bent jack, either replace the end jack with an angled one, or for a “no soldering” solution some angled adapters like these (may need luck to find one fitting well):


Good idea, avoids bend and…may get some extra length in order to hide the cable closer to the CK corner less obviously.


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