KDMAS + Eye tracking module incompatible fit on 5k+?

Just decided to try out the eye tracking module I received for my 5k+, but it looks like the fit is completely incompatible with the KDMAS? The piece that mounts the strap to the headset prevents the eye tracking module from plugging in.

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This Guide has info on installing ET

You can access #guidebank or use Docs to also search topics there.

But they must have a different unit/headstrap than the 5k+ KDMAS that I have? You can see from the video that their headstrap is wrapped straight onto the headset, but in order for the KDMAS that they sent me to hook up to the 5k+ it has that adapter which you can see in my photo that completely blocks the gap where the droolon pi eye tracker inserts, above the USB-C port.

Ig you mean the Y Audio Cable? It can sit on tip of the ET plug.

Or if you mean the top strap clip does not block usb-c port

Here’s the spot I’m talking about. I tried jamming it in as hard as I could but that strap plastic adapter is in the way. Unless I’ve got the KDMAS hooked up wrong?

Okay yes you do. That top strap clip; Clips in the top of the hole. It should snap in place.

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Lol, well, crap. Here’s the video I followed originally with the installation Pimax KDMAS is here! Backer Box Unboxing & Setup Guide - YouTube the only reason I even pulled up a video was because I was confused when I got the KDMAS since it looked like the bottom part would fit in that hole, but I didn’t get anything at all that clipped on the other side of it to hold it into place. What is yours clipping in to?

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Never mind, I’m an idiot, figured it out after taking a better look at it. Shouldn’t have bothered with some guy’s video apparently (also would’ve been nice if it had come with instructions but whatever). Thanks!


Indeed pimax’s included instructions very weak.


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