Kat io and pitool incompatibility with oculus games

I want to give some feedback for kat vr users that owns a pimax 8k/5k+ and wish to try oculus games using katvr as form of locomotion .

On paper kat vr is 100% compatible only with games that are in kat i/o .

That does not though remove the possibility to try to use kat vr in other games as form of locomotion.

Regarding oculus games , I found a basic incompatibility between kat i/o and pitool and how they lunch their codings in steamvr.

To lunch an oculus game on pimax , we launch the game from pitool 's library and pitool lunch steam vr and the game injecting its codes in steam vr.

When opening kat i/o, kat i/o lunches steamvr and inject itself in steamvr.

The problem raises because no matter if you start kat io before pitool or the opposite, both programs close and reopen steamvr to inject themselves in steamvr, practically overriding each other in the injection in steamvr.

Pimax, can you please work with katvr to inject both codes at the same time avoiding incompatibility ?


If I remember correctly katvr even had a pimax 8k headset being used on the katwalk mini, in their campaign videos.
Maybe it was just a dummy headset for show


Exactly…I think u are right. I think they tested more with actually other headsets but not with pimax . At least not as much as we would do because we would not stop at the library of games that kat vr offers

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The game I have tried is “Edge of Nowhere” that works on pimax 8k with regular vive controllers locomotion

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I ever asked katvr supporter that it support mixed reality headset or not, they tell that “no”. After I show the trailer video to them again, they tell “yes”, lol.

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Yeah…it is so confusing with their answers. At times feels that either they never tested what you asked or that it is not officially supported and hence their answer is not right

@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen

Could you please look into this with your partners ar katvr?