Kart Kraft VR in Pimax 5K

Bought Kart Kraft today and I have some problems with that early access game:

  1. Distance objects 3D stereo is a bit buggy , makes me vomit , but close objests like karts , roads, curbs are fine so do I need to turn on PP or something is wrong with game IPD setting?
  2. I don’t see any ini file to set port for telemetry ( gametrix and 2 dof platform)
    there is default port sets at 5000 in game but I can raise it by edit but only by mouse click, so I dont want cliks 22k times to get port required for my gametrix :slight_smile: Silly settings !

Good news is that it recognizing my fanatec CSW 2.5+ Clubsport Inverted pedals.

Anyone here already played this games ?

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I tried it shortly but as it didn’t work my Steam Controller I shelved it until I get wheel and pedals.