Just shipped the product not working having 3 problem please help

1 . The headset dose not not work on steam vr
2. There are no games or videos in the piplay store showing even after i connect my headset …
3. I tried to play game affected manor in vr worked but poor resolution poor then mobile vr …like poorest cant even read big text …

i just got it today i was very much excited about it but its not off to great start has a lot of problems… :frowning:

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Hey there fellow Pimaxer,
I just got my headset about a week ago… and I may have some tips.

  1. in order for your headset to be detected by steamvr is to switch it into pimax mode. In Pimax mode Steam will detect your headset right away… Depending on the computer running the vr different modes may be available… I currently am research (and recreating) a method someone posted about, in order to get steamvr working in extended mode… the advantage to extended mode is that by installing Pix.exe (available on this board) it unlocks the higher resolutions. Native 3k, and 4k they are still working on…but Pix.exe makes 2K ( 2560x1440 ) work and it looks great.

  2. The Piplay game store I believe is hosted on a slow server to us (they hopefully will add closer mirrors to host the data). Sometimes their server goes down and you will not see stuff… restarting the computer or relaunching piplay can sometimes help get it to reesablish a fresh connection… Once they load you can get a good connection, there is a tonne of demo stuff. Dreadeye is scary, submarine one is awesome, there is a great valkarie game they had I got too. In the store I just get the extended mode ones now that I have unlocked that resolution. Trust me there is lots in the store… I too am noticing it not loading at the moment… keep checking… the only other bugger is that if your connection gets really slow it will pause your download and give you a pop-up message. so, sometimes you need to click ok and click it to resume :p. hope they fix that soon.

  3. so, the pimax displays in 4k, it can receive many resolutions from the computer, then its system will upconverted the signal but an upconverted signal will not add more detail…Native 4k though … or at least as high of a native resolution is important to give all that detail. Some games you can go to option and video and crank it up… however, high resolution takes processing power so you may need to lower other setting to counter-balance and low game fps. The pimax can do up to 60fps, but if the game isnt delivering it your head turning will seem choppier. In the higher couple resolutions you could read a book presented on it.

Hope this helps