Just received my 5k+ but small issue with a noise

Ok, i know, i know, i will make a review pretty soon and i must say so far im fucking blown away :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: , but there is slighly small issue.

When a game is running or something there is this annoying noise comming from the headset, it seems to come from the right side.

Is this a normal behaviour?


Mine does not do any noises.

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Perhaps this whistle choke-coil or old dry electrolyte capacitor. Anyway you have to contact Pimax.

You can try to record this noise then reverse play on 0.01 speed. May be you will hear something like โ€œPimakssss five plusss is your pleeeasureeeโ€


Here is some stuff u can try easily and is worth as shot:

Try to use another socket for your power adaptor (even power circle), sounds like this occur with all kind of electrical devices from time to time.
Also try to make sure you have no light equipment running in the same socket, especially dimmable.

Switching the power connector 180 degrees helps sometimes as well, at least with German plugs. (not possible to do it with every plug around the world)

Have fun

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