Just got my 2nd pimax 8kx, major issues

Are all these headsets defective?

I just got my 2nd pimax 8kx the audio is not working on the beta drivers and the color seems really brown/muddy compared to my last unit. so I decided to switch back to the drivers available on the website the Now it says my head set is mirrored and it wont connect it…

Do I have to do some sort of magic trick to get the pimax8k to work more then 1x? or is this one defective like my last?

After sitting for 40 minutes the headset finally decided to just randomly start detecting again, now I’m getting steam errors about mirrior mode I think the audio is working now… Nice RNG coders they seem to have over there, restarting and starting services didnt seem to do anything I just had to sit patiently for 40 minutes… maybe I can get the steam to not register headset mirrior now wish me luck.

Can you post your system Specs? 8s your 8kX serial 2076? If so you need to set Audio in Windows to 7.1; yes not very intuitive or proper.

the audio works on the non beta drivers, steam vr got stuck in an infinite load so I’m fighting through that right now and trying to get my headset to randomly be not dissconnected I think I have to wait 40 minutes or so before it detects I’ll get back to you in 40 minutes when it randomly decides to work.

What is the first 4 digits of your serial as there are 2 8kX models.

2076, ok it randomly decided to detect again, audio is no longer working but I am in steam vr now and colors are the same seem kinda brown and muddy compared to my last unit. Not sure hot to proceded from here seems I might have got another defective unit. random audio plus play space breaking its self I dont think I have enough time in a day to hope and pray that this thing works… I’m actually austonished at how bad this experiance is.

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Ok messing arround with color sliders in the pie tool they dont do anything contrast brightness no changes, on top of that audio is still not working… not sure how to proceed from here does seem like this headset might be broken, Will wait a day then return this one to amazon as well and order a 3rd if no solutions are available here.

Ok, so it looks like the audio port is defective on this one it cracks and hisses and the base headphones dont even work with it, I dont notice color accuracy issues anymore with the headset but the sliders do not work for adjusting colors, things seem to be to red/brown, maybe to protect eyes. But I will likely have to RMA this headset as well… brutal 2 for 2. cant have a broken audio port on a $2000 headset doesn’t seem like they even test these things before they ship them out.

What’s your gpu?

First suggestion is to try different USB and DP ports. Also make sure there are no more than 2 monitors plugged in at the same time, at least when testing (some brands of gpu seems to be fine with the 8kx and 3 monitors, others are not).

Did you switch the audio to 7.1 surround sound in the audio settings? They really need to tell people that is mandatory, I didn’t see any reference to it when I got my 2076 8KX. I had to find out from another user. When it was set to stereo my audio was a mess.

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how do you switch to 7.1 in windows 11? the port seems broken as far as I can tell, I’m running 4x 3090’s one of them is in a sli bridge with my main card, monitor issues seem to be kinda fixed having the pimax 8kx in during boot up takes like an extra 10 minutes for my computer to figure the monitor situatiion out sadly.

current issue is a defective audio port and colour settings not adjusting colors seem to reddish/brown.

Not on windows 11 so can’t check exactly but on windows 10 you just right click on the speaker icon in the tray then click I think sound properties or device properties. Something like that, there are only a couple of menus for the audio. In the main menu where you select the device underneath you should see a drop down menu, it will likely say stereo and when you expand it there will typically be stereo, 5.1 and 7.1. Select 7.1 and your audio issue should be solved.

As for the colours, I have no idea about SLI 3090, have actually never heard of anyone running them let alone so niche as the 8K X. Is it possible in software to just use a single 3090? I could imagine that would be causing major issues, also afaik the audio also goes through the DP now using nvidia DP audio or something so that could possibly be causing audio issues if changing the channel to 7.1 doesn’t solve it.

The colours not adjusting and being reddish/brown is a first, I’ve helped quite a few with issues but never heard of that one before so my immediate instinct is that SLI is causing it but honestly just a guess.

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I had no issues running 2*3090 sli on my 8kx, other than that there was no clear advantage in most games


Broken microphone and audio port is defective on my new model a host of software issues including glitching in picture in picture huge stuttering and huge pressure on the bridge of my nose. the Customer service is abhorrent so sadly I will be returning this headset as well. I’m not paying $2000.00 + $280 for a cable for a headset that doesn’t even work. if the headset wasnt causing me such physical pain on the bridge of my nose I’d order another one and try again but it looks like this comapny likely wont be arround much longer, I suppose their trade in program is kinda telling in the regard. so long! and sorry for anyone who ended up buying and supporting this horrendous company.

Sorry for your issues. It is this sort of stuff that should not be happening on the eve of their next headset. If they can’t deliver a smooth experience now, their next launch will, I suspect, be plagued with more of the same.

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The pimax 8kx seems to differ between alot of units… My first one had very bad mura,the second was a litlle better.And the last one again a little better color wise… but again some more mura…

But i didnt had the 2076 serial yet to see in person.

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Kevin did say that Pimax will be offering customer/ tech service from locations in N.A. and Europe. That should help a lot. Not soon enough for you though. Good luck, sorry you had such a bad experience. This late in the development cycle for the 8KX, this should have been sorted.

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NA offered a lot of service briefly up until the early 5K+ housing cracking became more severe than was initially represented. Had my RMA done by NA back then. At that point Shanghai pulled a lot of the service back to China. How much has been returned to the US time will tell.
Back when I RMA’d my 5K+ it took about 10 days from my shipping to receiving a replacement. Canada-Us-Canada

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What does NA stand for?

Edit: Just saw the context, you were ferring to North America. I only read your comment and thought it was a 3rd party distributor or something ha.