Just found this, 5k BE OLED

Edit and this.


they are also sending out BE OLED editions??

Wonder if this is actually the 5k BE that Korea is selling and not the OLED?


Yeah found this too, painful to watch for so many reasons. No useful information at all - guy claims his rift has LCD and not OLED, likely because of the rift’s anti-smearing. Leaves me with more questions than answers!


In Korea, 5k be (OLED) was sold in an online market with a 100-unit limit. It included a vive controller and a base station. Now the used product price is $ 1350.

He says in the video he begged pimax for it!
Have Pimax started production of the 5K BE OLED yet ?

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I begged them too, but I couldn’t get it. :sob:
There seems to be only a production line for their business partners.

People who live in Korea can buy used or new products.


Interesting. Then they are being produced

He’s mistaken when he said rift was lcd which caused the bad blacks. The rift is also oled. The issue is the rift uses the “black smear fix” in software, which doesn’t shut the pixel off. This is to avoid black smear but I really dislike that fix. I hope pimax does not add this fix. A little black smear does not bother me.

Well he did say this to a reply on youtube, “I got it direct from the developers since i backed and had contact with them directly”