Just been able to get 5k+ working. Some issues

Hi all,

my 2080 ti finally arrived from being on back order and I managed to get the 5k+ turned on to test.

First off, theres a horrible “very” noticeable distortion band at the edges of the display.

Secondly, im seeing what looks like white flashes like static or snow on the display.

The distortion would be totally game breaking if i was able to play any games as I dont have any lighthouses or controllers yet, and the snow effect of the tiny white specks popping onto the screen are a bit distracting.

Can anyone offer any recommendations or advice?

Also, I have only ever used the Gearvr headset, so no experience with oculus or vive, but im seeing a pretty obvious grid like effect on the screens. :frowning:

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Pretty sure the “static” or “snow” effect is caused by a bad cable, you will probably need to contact Pimax for a replacement cable.

As for the distortions, try updating to the latest PiTool beta as it greatly reduces distortions.

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Thanks for the reply, I was using version of pitool. just updated it so will have another look. Do you have any idea how I would go about seeing if I do infact need a new cable?

Also, isnt the cable physically attached to the headset? It doesnt feel like it will detatch

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As stated above you likely have a bad cable causing the snow effect. This is not normal.

Minimizing the distortions to the point where they aren’t noticeable will involve setting your correct IPD and getting the HMD positioned at the best spot on your face. Moving the headset vertically on your face has a big impact on the distortions and also moving it in and out affects this. If it needs to be closer or further from your face than what the included face pad allows then you made need to look into switching the face pad out. Unfortunately some people have indicated that they aren’t able to get the distortions reduced to an acceptable point. Personally the minor edge distortion that I still have on my headset isn’t noticeable while I play games or watch movies.

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I’m sorry man. I don’t have any of those problems. You should contact Pimax as soon as possible to start to enjoy your new hmd. It has to be faulty.

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yes, the cable detaches. You may need to partially remove the face cover to pull it out.

If you pull the cable out and reseat it in the headset firmly and the snowy effect is still there then cable is bad. That is the symptom of either a bad cable or one that is not firmly connected to the headset.

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Ok, I apologise for not knowing how to go about this. Is there a direct contact email or system in place to directly contact pimax from this forum?

The cable is detechable; but to do so you need to pull off the rubber grommet which is blocking it from being removed (fairly sure you just pull it off, theres really no trick to it). I believe SweViver made a video on this at some point.

Not sure what the best way to contact Pimax is. They have their little support system (http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/), but who knows if they are actually using it correctly yet. I think you can just email support@pimaxvr.com as well.

Anyway, I would try to search around and see if you can find pictures/a video of someone removing the rubber grommet from their Pimax. I haven’t had to do so, so I can’t really give much information about how its done.


As others have said, the snow is due to a bad cable. That is also what is probably causing the white flashes. I have those problems and I also see black flashes and sometimes the headset locks up and displays horizontal lines.

I’m getting a replacement cable (confirmed by Support).

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There are a variety of seated experiences you can enjoy/try til controllers & Lighthouses arrive.

A short free demo Game WarRobotsVR on steam.

Just be sure to turn off Lighthouse Tracking & perform Room setup. Press next until you get to your height. Enter your height manually.

For support you may need a new cable. Some hmd issues @Doman.Chen might be able to fix with remote session.

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I have managed to log onto the pimaxvr.com website, but when I got to support it asks me to login again and my details are not accepted and as such cannot raise a customer support ticked for my faulty cable. Is there anyone that can help me? as I have now had my headset for a couple weeks and still cannot use it.

Neither my forum login details or using a newly created account with my email works on the support page. This is understandably quite frustrating


@anon74848233 @Doman.Chen

Please PM me with details,thanks.

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