Just a for fun conversation about Commercial Ideas for Pimax advertisement, I have one anyone else?

Get someone like a giant well known NBA pro basketball player to endorse a commercial saying something like “Go Big or Go Home” holding a Pimax headset or wearing it.


No point in advertising VR headsets at this point. Most people don’t know what it is and unless they try it, there is no way you can influence them.

Once you get sufficient public awareness out, then you could go and emphasize the FOV and resolution (I think their KS main page does a pretty good job, btw, with that FOV animation and the Lucky lens shots).

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Yea Pimax has done a good job with the video’s they have released so far and other recent ones by others as well, my point for making the post was meant as fun even if only for the future when people are more aware of VR. But then again to far in the future and all the big players might have a large field of view model of their own thanks to Pimax for going for it. No criticism here just the exercise of ones imagination. Thanks:slight_smile:

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