Join us on the Pimax 5K+ vs 8K demo event with VRSpace in Netherlands this weekend 1-2 December!

Hey all :slight_smile: Im sure you have heard about the Pimax event hosted by VRSpace in Netherlands this weekend?

It’s now confirmed I’m joining the event and I really look forward to see you all there and hang out with you! :slight_smile:
I was invited by VRSpace, and luckily Pimax decided to sponsor my trip so I could make it happen (thanks Pimax, much appreciated!).

If you are able to join, get in touch with VRSpace as soon as possible! The Pimax event is hosted by the company VRSpace and they are showing off Pimax 8K and 5K+ with side by side comparisons and visitors can try out stuff with Pimax on their own. Im sure it will be a great event and I will be there all the time to help out, answer questions and hang out with you during the whole weekend!

Btw, this is not only for Pimax backers, even if backers are prioritized of course!
More info:

I look forward to see you there :slight_smile:


Hi Sweviver nice to hear your going. Please apply for their new business developmemt role! You could make a huge impact on the VR space by working for this company. Thx


Looking forward to see you! Cheers, Arno


Thanks man, But I must say Im not really qualified for such a task :slight_smile: Im the geeky tech-guy more than a business guy as you may have noticed. There are definitely way more skilled ppl in the industry, that Pimax deserves.


You do pretty good at the trade shows. They need people who are liked and trusted in the community. Look at that greasy slug who runs Vive marketing

Hope you keep an open mind to it. Lifes short :beers:


I’ll be in Gouda too. Still undecided for saturday or sunday though. First I wanted to show up at sundaymorning, but VRspace let us know that the visitor spread was 40%/60% - Saturday/Sunday.


George. Will this be your first time trying the headset?

Yes. I am not much experienced in VR but I tried several headsets.
DK2, CV1, HTC Vive, Cardboard, GearVR, Hololens v1.

I hoped for 8K being less SDE for experiences and 5K+ was the gaming version.
But after all the threads and contradicting advices and experiencesI just don’t know anymore.
I now can finally see it for my self.

I will be able to ‘feel’ and understand what most of you already experienced. Still. I am not a techperson. So most of the issues I will not even see or experience. It will largely be decisive for me to pursue VR as a hobby and maybe use it in my line of work too. I hope so. I see the potential. Now the feel of it.


Perfect opportunity to make your 5k/8k decision :slight_smile: Will be some interesting people there :slight_smile:


Please write your impressions off the headsets here!

Laat au.b uw ervaringen hier achter van de headsets en welke het voor u gaat worden…

Excited about ANY news on the 5kBE :slight_smile:

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any news or impressions yet?

Be awesome if you could take another quick look at 5KBE :grinning:

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I‘ll be driving over from Germany tomorrow and will check the headsets out for myself too (although I am currently very much on the 5K+ boat after all the reviews).

It would be cool to meet some of you guys, it‘s always nice to meet the people behind the avatars…

And yes, I will surely write down my impressions, john2910 - wees maar niet bang…


Impressions please! 20202020

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Impression saturday:
I was in Gouda around 15.00 hrs. The room was way back in a library.
Noone from Pimax was present. But Sweviver was there of course :slight_smile:
The organizers wanted to show the HMDs at the VRdays in Amsterdam, but unfortunately that went awry at the last minute. Hence this opportunity. Most of the visitors were already gone. I could have started right away behind the two VRrigs.

There were 2 VR PCs. Both had 1080ti. Left one hed 5K+ and the right was the 8K. Different resolution.
Originally there were 2 games to be tested: project cars and skyrim. The 8K rig got problems with the lighthouse setup. Due to interference between the 2 lighthousesets, it was decided to just show 1 game on both sets: project cars.

I started with the 5K+. Controller: steeringwheel with forcefeedback. FOV: 150 degrees ‘normal’. No accessoires. Good headset. Plenty room for my glasses. Manually setting the IPD to 67.5. No problemo. Go. I noticed the smooth screen. The HMD with only the default strap felt very nice. Comfortable enough to play for a while, I guess. Unfortunately you only get 15 minutes for both the headsets.

I am not a sim player at all. Still I enjoyed the well detailed car. Not tried reading the gauges though. The surroundings were a little bit less detailed. The trees, the houses and hills/bridge/tunnels are oldskool design. After a few moments it was clear I should not be starting racesims at all. They are not something for me. I could still enjoy the scenery and a speedy passing of a bridge. Still noticable SDE if you tried, but you can’t see it during gameplay due to the immersion. The quality of the design for the ingame surroundings was substandard for nowadays capabilities in my opinion. The blue sky was really nice. No artifacts, no leak, no nothing disturbing.

8K: getting seated. Up till the first image, same as 5K. But right away I found the imagequality very annoying. Not the car itself. The car was very much OK. I heard different opinions at the location itself. But for me it was a downright turn off from the start. I still have to find words to describe what I saw. It was somewhat in the middle and to the right. On level with the audience and curbs to the right. Didn’t notice it to the left side of the screen. Looking up with the HMD didn’t make the spots go up. It stayed in position of the audience and the curbs. So it may well be the representation of the images of the game onto the diamond shaped pixel panels that annoys the hell out of me. Going forward driving some time on the track, it didn’t disappear. It wasn’t smooth. The rest was pretty much the same.

No motionsickness whatsoever on both HMDs.

Afterward I had a nice talk with some of the people there. Missed the chance to speak to Sweviver… I will make amends tomorrow, @SweViver :slight_smile: , because I will come back to verify my first impressions. I hope they work out the issue with the lighthouses, so I can try the skyrim game. More to my liking.

Tomorrow back for my second impressions and meet Sweviver and some staff again and Axacuatl… :slight_smile:


@George thx for your impressions,and did you like the field of view?

Yeah. For sure. The FOV 150degr. is awesome.
There are two Oculus Rift sets present, to compare FOV if need be.

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was the 5kBE also there?


No. Only 2 sets. The 5K+ and the 8K. No controllers, no audiostraps, no accessoires.
Maybe we can try the HTC Vive controllers that were present. Due to lighthouse issues, the HTC controllers were not enabled again. The issue would persist until Sweviver helped out the staff. Still one of the lighthouses risked interference, so maybe no skyrim this demo. Or when it is somewhat less busy we might be able to experiment more.

By the way. The staff was very hospitable and stood by to help if required. Good team.