Join our Pimax US Roadshow this week!

Hey guys, we are planning a mini-roadshow this week in Florida and New York! If you would like to join, please fill out the survey below. Me, Kevin and Chenn would love to see you in person and let you play around with the 8KX, 8K+, 5K Super and Artisan + NOLO! :sunglasses: We want to give you more time than at CES to test the headsets and I will make sure we can demo more popular games like PC2, Skyrim, Elite Dangerous and similar. If you haven’t seen the email from yesterday, here it comes again:

Hi VR enthusiasts!
We are planning a new US roadshow for the latest VISION 8K series in Orlando and NYC that will be hosted before 21st of January, 2020. The preferable dates for the two roadshow meetups are January 16th or 17th in Orlando, and January 19th or 20th in New York City.

After a very successful CES 2020 in Las Vegas, we got a lot of requests for a Pimax demo on the US East coast. Therefore, we would now like to welcome you to our Pimax US East Coast Roadshow that will be held on two locations, Orlando and New York.

We want to give you all an opportunity to test and evaluate our latest headsets such as the Pimax Vision 8KX, Pimax VISION 8K Plus, Pimax Artisan with NOLO tracking and the Pimax 5K Super. We are aiming to host 3 or 4 VR stations during each of the two meetups, and we will give you time enough to test your favorite VR games and simulators on each of the Pimax headsets.

Before we can setup the time slots for each visitor of the meetups, we need to know how many of you are interested and able to join.
If you are interested in attending our Orlando or NYC roadshow meetup, please let us know by filling out a short survey here below.

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