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Wandering in Space

MOONSEER GAMES and AWE Asia invite you to our first official competition at the AWE Asia Conference 2022 in Shanghai, China on 26 - 27th August and stand a chance to win a Pimax Crystal QLED! You may sign up or get additional information by sending an email to


The Crystal includes an Impressive Array of features focused on visual quality. |649xauto



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Game background
Wandering in Space is a single-player virtual reality first-person shooter featuring role-playing and roguelike elements. The story is set in 2598 when the environment deteriorates to a critical point and the “Doomsday Virus” either kills or mutates the infected. Humans establish the Federation and use the last remaining resources to build colonial satellites and spaceships scattered in Earth orbit. Surviving healthy humans are transferred to the space in batches to stay away from viruses and pollutionundefined leaving the rest of humans on Earthundefined struggling amid disease and famine.

About AWE Asia:
Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the world’s leading AR+VR trade expo series. AWE Asia is a chance to bring together Asia’s leading XR enterprises with international companies and investors to drive the development of the XR field.

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Very interesting. Think I have seen this game around. Looks good from what I recall.

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Looks great, always happy to see competitions like these and get involved when possible. Is this an in-person only competition or can we join remotely? Not much chance of me going to another continent on such short notice, as much as I’d love to haha.


I reviewed this game here. It’s actually pretty good, reminded me a lot of Cosmodread but more shooty.



Why not, I’m a sucker for VR games set in outer space! It’s actually been on my Steam wishlist for a while now.


Any chance that the Crystal will be shown off at this event btw?


let me show you now: :wink:


Pimax is getting real bold and confident in the Crystal as of late. All the images you guys are showing off and having prizes heavily tied to it(Or even it being given out) at two events close together.

Sure hoping that means good things for it releasing soon!


Esther, you’re killing me! So jealous right now!!

And yeah @Omniwhatever I agree, I’m feeling more and more confident that we’ll see the Crystal release next month. I think it actually might be my ideal headset over the 12k even, so very very excited.


Any chance we could see a photo of the Crystal beside a 5KS or 8KX? Would love to see how the physical size compares.


i will post more pics lately


Thank you! Hope the event goes well and hope you’re all having fun and not too stressed leading up to the launch! Goodluck with it all.


Is… is the angry unibrow thing on that unit a sticky aluminium tape decal?


I think so,but it is ofcourse still a prototype unit as we see…


Woohoo! The hype is real


Yeah ha, definitely just placeholder as the finished product is going to have the usual lightstrip but with full RGB. Which, as we all know, will enhance performance by at least 62%.

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Does it aquamarine

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HI :
There’s a CDKey for you.Please Check the PM


Can we see a little more about the crystal ?

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They said they will release it in about 3 weeks(third quartal of this year) so then we will see more…

Or they dont keep their promises again …